Stylish Ways to Turn Your Honda Dirt Bike Into a Masterpiece

Honda dirt bikes are beautiful machines in terms of performance, and it’s clear the designers didn’t forget about style. That doesn’t mean riders should just live with what they get from the factory in terms of aesthetics. Instead, read on to find out about some stylish ways to turn a Honda dirt bike into a masterpiece using cool custom dirt bike graphics.

Graphics Kits 101

Before discussing specific strategies for giving an otherwise typical dirt bike some much-needed flair, it’s worth mentioning a few key points. The first is that graphics for honda dirt bikes must be custom designed and cut to fit the specific model a rider has purchased. A graphics kit for a CRF 100 won’t fit a CRF 110. Thankfully, leading decal vendors sell kits for every make and model of Honda dirt bike out there, so it’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

The second thing riders need to consider no matter how they decide to style their bikes is the quality of their decals. Look for a company that has a reputation for excellence and uses high-quality materials, including aggressive adhesives that won’t peel back, UV-resistant inks, and thick protective coatings.

Finding the Right Designs

Anyone who has been around other motocross riders has likely noticed some trends in terms of how people decorate their dirt bikes. Doing exactly what everyone else is with a bike isn’t going to turn any heads. However, recognizing current trends is an important skill for those who want to eventually garner sponsorships, even from local businesses. These days, popular decals and designs include the following.

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Manufacturers’ Logos

Riders are often proud of their bikes, and they should be. Those that are simply in love with the Honda brand can show it off by adding decals that show it off.

Racing Numbers

Any sanctioned motocross or off-road race requires riders to put AMA-assigned numbers on their front plates and side panels. Even riders that don’t compete often add meaningful numbers to their bike designs. Choose something special like a birthday or another important date.

Wild Patterns

Wild patterns that feature loud colors make bold statements and help riders stand out from the crowd. There are advantages to taking this approach instead of sticking with basic colors and popular logos. People will be more likely to notice the rider, and fans will be able to find them again at the next race more easily if the bike stands out.

Names or Team Names

Whether they opt for wild patterns or more basic designs, most riders include their names or team names in their graphics designs. This is another way to help fans and potential sponsors keep track of how a rider is performing from day to day and race to race.


Professional motocross racers make a good living in part by attracting sponsors, and these companies pay big money for prominent logo placement. Local talent may be able to score sponsorships as well if riders play their cards right. Think getting discounted products from a local business or the occasional $100 check in return for putting their logo on the bike.

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Start Making Changes

One of the great things about graphics kits for dirt bikes is that they can be changed, which means riders have nothing to lose by making bold design choices. If they want to change to something more subtle later, it’s a simple matter of removing the old decals and installing new ones.