Digital Revolution of Sports Betting Industry With Technology 

sports betting industry
Digital technology has changed every industry for the better. Sports betting industry is not untouched with the advancements now that mobile gambling has taken the front seat.
Now mobile traffic accounts for one-third of the traffic sports betting websites receive. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, digital technology will power more than half of all sports Online Cricket Betting ID.

This is no surprise as the betting industry has always been one of the early adaptors of new technologies to broaden the business and reach a larger number of users. Today you can place a wager from your phone and have access to an unprecedented vast amount of information. All of this is made possible by technology. Ever since 1996, online sports betting has seen a growth year on year.

How the early days of digital sports betting have evolved 

Ask a veteran who grew in an era of 90s, they will you online bingo and poker pretty much-defined sports betting. The popularity of these games online was partially contributed by their popularity online. With the internet reaching the masses it became possible for people to play online poker and bingo at any time of the day or night. Moving forward the players got the ability to wager a low-stakes that forced the professional class of bettors to take online gambling seriously.

Broadband growth and security

Internet infrastructure was strengthened by the broadband that offered reliable widespread connection. This marked the beginning of high-class casino-style online betting sites. Just like other industries were expanding online, the betting domain has to increase its reach but gain the trust of the clients at the same time. For this reason, sport betting businesses invested heavily to make extremely secured websites possible.

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Next step was to include more sports to allow people to have options. Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, wrestling and e-sports became common on most sports betting websites and with increasing ease and paramount security, bettors overcame their initial hesitation to play online. To further empower bettor wagering online, odds websites like OddsMax started offering valuable knowledge and easy odd comparison.

Mobile technology

Even with powerful broadband infrastructure and secured websites, sports betting did not get mainstream until mobile technology made it possible. Smartphones revolutionized the gambling industry as now bettors had access to play anytime from anywhere. Casual slots to in-play sports betting, all of it was possible. Extremely powerful smartphones, constant connectivity with internet and myriad of sporting fixtures saw online bettors number booming year-on-year.

The growth of smartphones has not only boosted the sports betting industry but has opened it to new markets and economies that were once untouchable.

What’s Next

Sports investing is probably moving towards another revolution, this time in the bankroll segment with stability and security of cryptocurrency. You are no longer restricted by the sanctions put by banks as you have currency to top up your bankroll whenever you want without getting traced.

The anonymity offered by the cryptocurrency has vast applications for the sports betting industry. Many gambling sites already accept crypto like Bitcoins.