Short and Long-Term Number Rent from Onlinesim

With the growth of Internet sites and online applications, the need for privacy has also increased. Unfortunately, not every website can guarantee personal data safety, so virtual numbers are gaining popularity. You can rent a cheap virtual number from a reputable provider, such as Onlinesim. It’s simple, affordable, and guarantees anonymity.

Differences between short-term and long-term options

A virtual number is a real number utilized without a phone and a physical SIM card. All you need is to sign up for Onlinesim service and rent a virtual SIM. But how do you choose what exactly you need? There are two types of virtual numbers: short-term and long-term. Find their advantages and disadvantages below.

The short-term (or one-time) option is helpful for instant registration on one site. After 20-60 minutes, the number is terminated, and you can no longer avail of it. The advantage of this version is obvious: you do not need to pay more, and the number itself fulfills its task by 100%. However, if you need to regularly pass SMS authentication, it is better to choose the long-term alternative.

The online SMS service offers long-term numbers for one or more days. In this case, the fee is debited from your account daily. Such numbers work fine for platforms with a high level of security, for example, online exchanges. Every time you log in, you will go through SMS online verification. Onlinesim virtual numbers will help you for as long as you need.

Unlimited freedom with a virtual number

Phone number temporary usage gives you unprecedented freedom and, at the same time, guarantees anonymity. You can access any site, create second accounts, bypass national restrictions, and solve various professional tasks. If you want only close people to know your contact info, do not hesitate and buy your first virtual SIM card.

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