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Are you interested in Shopify Split Payments? The Mipler team has analyzed this question for you, and in this short article, we will reveal the main points for you.

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To Be or Not to Be: Shopify Split Payments

There is an opinion that split payments make sense only in up-sales when the product is expensive, and installments are a desirable opportunity to speed up the purchase. So, it is.

  However, we believe that split payments are also desirable when purchasing goods with a low value.


The seller sells the product for $30. And he thinks: what is the point of giving installments for such an amount?

Let’s imagine the following situation:

 Your prospect only has $9 on their card. He wants to buy your product right now because he needs this product right now. But he can pay only $9 and pay the rest later.

In practice, if the buyer is not given this opportunity when he has the money for the total product’s value, the buyer may lose interest or even forget about your store.

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So, the obvious conclusion is that split payments are always desirable if your goal is to increase your store’s conversions.

The famous slogan: “Buy now, pay later” is a breakthrough in marketing.

It turned out that buyers like to make purchases in installments. After all, buying the desired item right now is very profitable and pleasant without risking anything or losing commissions. As a result, the average cost of an order increases.

Another benefit of split payments is a satisfied buyer.

And here you, as a seller, have a natural question:

How do you accept split payments?

Shopify allows you to connect different payment methods to your online store. These can be both aggregators of payment systems and manual payment methods.

You can use Shopify’s tool – Shopify Payments or buy an app for split payments. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Recently, more and more merchants are choosing Shopify Payments.

Shopify Payments is a payment gateway that handles online store transactions on this CMS.

Shopify now offers the following payment options:

  • Apple
  •  Meta
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bank card (debit or credit)
  •  Gift certificate
  • Cryptocurrency

Stripe is the basis of system development. The Shopify Payments base has an identical payment algorithm with Stripe. This payment gateway is very convenient for entrepreneurs because it is immediately integrated into the personal account of the online store.

Benefits of Shopify Payments

We have highlighted the following advantages:

  • Shopify sellers get the total purchase amount right away – up front.
  • There are no unexpected hidden charges for customers.
  •  There are also no fines for clients in case of late payments.
  •  The purchase can be divided into four interest-free payments, which benefit the client.
  •  Once you set up Shopify Payments, you automatically receive Shop Pay with no additional fees.
  •  Shopify takes a green stance. So, if you use Shopify Payments, you’re joining the green movement. Every purchase with Shop Pay helps reduce your store’s carbon footprint.
  •  Fraud protection
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Among the disadvantages, we would highlight the following:

  • There is no possibility of different payment methods for one transaction: paying with two credit cards or credit cards and PayPal is currently impossible.

Let’s also look at three highly rated split payment apps.

Split2Ship: PayPart | Rest COD

Free plan available

Score: 5

  • Give the buyer the option of split payments
  • This application lets you work with any delivery provider and payment gateway.
  •  Protect yourself from fake and canceled orders.
  • Increase sales by driving customers straight to the checkout page and skipping the cart.
  • Use a buy now button to grab attention

Charge Me Later

A 4-day free plan is available.

Score: 4.8

  •  Give the client the possibility of installment payment.
  •  Set discounts and wholesale prices for different customer groups.
  •  Send invoices to customers automatically or manually after creating an order.
  •  Support for Shopify 1.0 and 2.0 themes.
  •  Give an additional discount to customers who choose “Pay Now.”

 Split Payment & Deposit SpurIT

$17.95/month. 30-day free trial.

Score: 4.2

  • Offer customers Split Payment and deposits
  •  Allow buyers to use multiple payment methods for a single transaction: pay with two credit cards or a credit card and PayPal.
  •  Allow several people to split the payment for the product.
  •  Allow customers to pay for orders in installments.
  •  You can divide the total amount of the order into smaller equal parts.