Popular Sports to Bet on in Nigeria

Sports betting has become a popular pastime in Nigeria, attracting many fans looking for both entertainment and potential rewards. This industry’s growth is fueled by technological advancements and widespread internet availability making it convenient for fans to wager on their favorite sports. In this article, we delve into the most popular sports for betting in Nigeria, and why they capture the interest of bettors.

Soccer (Football)

Soccer holds the distinction of being the most popular sport in Nigeria. The country’s deep passion for football is evident with both local and international leagues garnering huge viewership. The local Nigerian Premier League can even be bet on from all parts of the world, whether you are in East or West of Africa, with platforms like Betway Tanzania making it possible to access multiple betting markets with ease. Among bettors, the English Premier League (EPL) emerges as a favorite with clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal boasting huge fan bases.

There are factors contributing to soccer’s dominance in betting. Easy access to information, detailed statistics, match analysis, and player profiles are readily accessible, empowering bettors to make advised choices. Further, the consistent match scheduling ensures a stream of betting opportunities that sustain the thrill among enthusiasts.


Moving on to basketball, the NBA has gained a massive following among bettors in Nigeria. The paced nature and high-scoring matches make basketball a compelling choice for those in betting. The presence of Nigerian players in the NBA further sparks interest and fosters a sense of connection and pride.

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Basketball’s appeal for betting lies in its high-scoring games that offer opportunities for bets on number of points, player performances, and results. Moreover, with the NBA’s coverage, fans have access to a wealth of information and live broadcasts that facilitate following games and placing bets. The thrill and unpredictability of basketball matches enhance the excitement of the betting experience.


Tennis is another sport that has gained significant traction in the Nigerian betting community. The individual nature of the sport, coupled with the frequent tournaments held throughout the year makes it an easy betting option.

One of the main attractions of tennis betting is the predictability of outcomes, as it is easier to analyze individual performances compared to team sports. The fast-paced scoring system of tennis also suits Betway live betting, allowing bettors to place bets as the action unfolds.


Boxing has a rich history in Nigeria, with several notable boxers hailing from the country. Major boxing events, especially those involving heavyweights, attract considerable betting activity. The clear outcomes of boxing matches make it easy to bet on, although there are also options for more specific bets, such as predicting the round in which a fight will end or how about will be won.

The excitement surrounding big boxing events, particularly when Nigerian boxers are involved, generates significant hype and betting interest. National pride and the high stakes of major fights contribute to the sport’s popularity in the betting world.


Athletics, especially during major international competitions like the Olympics and World Championships, also draw betting interest in Nigeria. The participation of Nigerian athletes in these events fuels national pride and betting activities. The diverse range of events in athletics provides numerous betting opportunities, from sprints and marathons to field events.

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The high stakes and prestige associated with international athletic competitions make betting on these events particularly thrilling. Nigerian athletes’ performance on the global stage not only garners national support but also drives betting interest, as fans back their favorite athletes and predict outcomes.

While football remains by far the most popular sport for betting in Nigeria, there are many other disciplines that Betway betting fans can engage in. However, it requires a reasonable level of understanding of each particular sport to make the experience worthwhile.