Milk Recipes To Try At Home This Diwali

The festival of lights, Diwali, is a joyous occasion that genuinely brightens our life. Throughout India, people celebrate this joyful, festive, and communal time of year, during which every nook and cranny of our homes is illuminated by the soft glow of diyas and lamps. The custom of distributing sweets to loved ones as a message of happiness and goodwill is a prominent feature of this glittering celebration. These delightful treats enhance relationships and produce enduring memories by bringing people closer together. Now, you can even choose to make delicious milk recipes at home, thanks to the services of milk home delivery in Mumbai

Some Easy Dishes to Try at Home

Kaju Katli

Enjoy the seductive taste of Kaju Katli as you celebrate the brilliant celebration of Diwali! This traditional Diwali treat is well-known for its rich, cashew-filled richness and needs no introduction. Nestlé milkmaid ordered by using the services of milk home delivery in Mumbai makes it incredibly easy and convenient to prepare Kaju Katli. This classic dessert is elevated by its velvety smoothness and delicate sweetness, which accentuate the natural nuttiness of the cashews without requiring the trouble of making sugar syrup. This Diwali, savour the mouthwatering flavour and velvety smoothness of Kaju Katli with milkmaid infusion.

Chocolate Barfi

Savour the delicious blend of history and modernity that is Chocolate Barfi, a modern take on the traditional Indian dessert. A harmonious blend of cocoa powder, ghee, and the ageless richness and creaminess of milkmaid, ordered by using the services of milk home delivery in Mumbai, creates something incredibly smooth and chocolaty. If you want to make your Diwali festivities unique, think about serving Chocolate Barfi.

Malai Peda

Do you need assistance selecting a unique Diwali dessert dish to wow your guests? What about a flavorful yet straightforward dish? Malai pedas are luscious, creamy, and delicate delicacies that are sure to please everyone. When you order milk using home delivery services in Mumbai, you will be able to enhance the taste and texture of every meal by adding a luscious creaminess. You’ll discover that as you savour this creamy delicacy, the richness gives the dish depth and elevates it above simple sweetness. Enjoy these delicious pedas on Diwali and savour their rich, creamy tastes.

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 Gujiya (Baked and Fried)

A popular and traditional North Indian dessert, gujiya, is made of crisp, flaky pastry stuffed with a sweet mixture of dry fruits and khoya (evaporated milk solids). They are as good as baked or fried. This is a great recipe to give your relatives on Diwali; you can order milk solids by using the services of milk home delivery in Mumbai.


Gajar Ka Halwa

What a treat! Gorgeous Diwali decorations, the company of loved ones, and the comforting flavours of Gajar Ka Halwa! The popular dessert gajar ka halwa is enjoyed during festivities. Milkmaid enhances the smooth yet gritty texture and taste of this halwa, which is available to be ordered from the services of home delivery of milk in Mumbai, by adding lusciousness and delicate sweet undertones. Savour the genuine flavour of this traditional delicacy with a hint of milkmaid.


A snack that is crunchy and mildly sweetened, shakkarpara is made with just six staple pantry ingredients! These addictive bite-sized sugar cookies, traditionally produced in Indian families around Diwali, are a great tea-time snack that can be made in advance. You can order milk for this dish by using the services of home delivery of milk in Mumbai.

Coconut Milk Murukku

This recipe for Coconut Milk Murukku, which is often prepared on Diwali evenings in the northern part of the country and consumed on Pongal in the southern part, will surprise you with its novel and intriguing flavours as Pongal approaches. One of the greatest tea-time treats available in our nation is murukku, which has long been a part of festivities and customs. Coconut milk is ordered by using the services of milk home delivery in Mumbai, and urad dal flour is used to make this delicious South Indian dish. It has asafoetida, cumin seeds, and pepper powder that will win you over.

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Coconut Ribbon Pakoda

A common snack from South India, Ribbon Pakoda is prepared frequently during the Diwali celebration. You should try making ribbon pakoda with coconut milk instead of the tried-and-true method; it was incredibly crunchy and crispy. You may order milk for this Diwali preparation by using the services of home delivery of milk in Mumbai since pakoda with coconut milk gives you a taste of coconut milk with every bite. Furthermore, the pakoda’s colour was not darkened by the coconut milk.


Rasmalai will add even more glitz to the festival of lights. It’s a Christmas treat that will astound your palate. Savour the tender, melt-in-your-mouth dumplings that are cooked with love using the decadent milkmaid and submerged in a sweet, creamy pool of saffron ras. Milkmaid, available to be ordered by using the services of milk home delivery in Mumbai, combines perfectly with the milk to make a silky, perfectly flavoured saffron ras. You won’t be able to stop at just one after tasting these incredibly delicious and fluffy paneer rasgullas, which are dipped in a velvety ras. Enjoy the spirit of tradition with this simple Diwali dessert recipe and the distinctive milkmaid touch.

Coconut Mawa Firecrackers

Coconut Mawa Firecrackers are a wonderful take on the traditional mawa peda that will add a special touch to your Diwali celebrations! This delicious recipe gives your celebrations a unique flair. By using milk, you can avoid buying mawa (which might also be unhygienic) or spending hours making it from scratch. It’s a quick and easy substitute. The combination becomes a creamy treat as the milk, rice flour mixture, and desiccated coconut all mix together effortlessly. The outcome? Pedas with a rich, mouthwatering flavour and a texture that melts on your lips. Shape these pedas into spectacular designs reminiscent of fireworks to fit the seasonal theme, then add vivid colours for a blast of brightness.

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