Can you make money with CPA marketing?

CPA marketing

The internet boom of the 21st century has resulted in marketing being shifted to social media and other online platforms. It is no surprise that digital marketing is now a top priority to most businesses, with vast amounts of money being put into online marketing. Among the many marketing strategies being adopted these days, CPA search engine marketing has been gaining significant popularity over the past few years.

What is CPA Marketing?


CPA or cost per action marketing is a method of online marketing that involves a network of affiliate marketers who are paid a commission once a specific action is completed. This action may be filling out an online form, signing up for a website, getting a quote, or, most commonly, making a purchase.


The growing trend of CPA marketing can be credited to its proficiency in diverting traffic towards the online pages of businesses who opt for it, increasing audience outreach and improving sales. Moreover, this unique marketing strategy has also provided countless people (called affiliates) with the opportunity to earn money online.

Making money online: How does CPA work?


Making money with CPA marketing is quite simple. It comprises three major components:


Affiliate: An influencer who has the resources and is willing to promote a product or service of a business in exchange for compensation.


Business: A business looking to partner with an affiliate who can promote their brand and increase sales.


CPA Network: A platform that connects affiliates with businesses looking to hire them for CPA marketing.


CPA affiliate marketing can be hugely beneficial to businesses of every stature, a significant reason being the lack of risk associated with the strategy. Marketing usually requires a substantial investment, and the odds of gaining a healthy return are not always favorable. With CPA, all transactions are done after a specific action is completed, thus making it risk-free.

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With more and more businesses looking to hire affiliates for CPA marketing, earning money online through marketing has become easier than ever. Let’s take a look at a basic overview of how CPA works:


  1. An affiliate manager recruits an influencer from an affiliate program on behalf of a brand.
  2. The affiliate puts up an online advertisement or content to promote the brand and direct traffic towards its landing page/website.
  3. Potential customers click on the ad or affiliate link within the content.
  4. Customers make a purchase from the brand’s website, which is the specified action in this case.
  5. The affiliate network records details of the transaction.
  6. The business verifies the transaction.
  7. The deal is credited to the associated affiliate.
  8. The affiliate is paid a commission, which is usually a percentage of the transaction.
  9. Back to step one, and the cycle continues with the aim of maximizing the conversion rate (the rate at which the specified action is performed).



If you’re a beginner at CPA marketing, it would be wise to look into a traffic source like Popcash. Also, be sure to check out Optimize to Convert for the top-notch coaching in affiliate marketing and digital media. You’ll be making money with CPA marketing in no time!