Let your kid learn and play


Making children learn something new is always tricky, mainly because they are too energetic to sit at a place and study. Their minds are engrossed with bat, balls, and cars. What can you do as a parent to make them a better learner? The market is flooded with various games which are educational as well. It will keep your kid learn and play as well as it will help them learn something new. Development in a child occurs when he enjoys what he is doing. 

Here are some of the educational games which you can check out. 

Feed the whole: 

If you are wondering how to Find great Kid’s game then Board games are the best example of educational games. It provides a good source of entertainment as well as learning. Board games can help you build social skills, motor skills, counting, etc. since they are mostly designed to be played between two or more people. It brings people together and enhances their communication skills. To play the game Feed the Woozle, the children have to follow the manuals where they are instructed on how to play the game. They have to work together to win the game. Thus it develops a habit of sharing among the children. 

Magna Tiles:

With the growth of children, it is necessary to prompt them to imagine, dream, and create. Educational  Toys that encourage your little ones to think, construct, and solve are effective ways to accomplish this. Magna Tiles prompts children to plan and convert their ideas into reality. There are tiles that you have to connect to form a shape based on your imagination. Thus it induces the kid to think of more and more ways and open up their mind. It promotes critical thinking, develops cognitive abilities, and a habit of solving problems. 

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You can try games that require a high level of concentration. Once the child learns how to concentrate on the matter at hand, it becomes easier for them to solve problems. There is no doubt that the game of checkers requires a person with immense concentration power and logic. Bring a chess board home and let your kid spent time with it. It will improve their logic skills and will teach them a creative method to solve problems. Chess propels you to use both sides of the brain to visualize the possible moves and the second side to strategize and to calculate your opponent’s moves. 


One of the most challenging subject a student find is Mathematics. Why don’t you make your kid start practicing it at a younger age to avoid problems shortly? Calculations using abacus can improve the calculation skills of your child. It would aid them in understanding mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division quickly. It enhances their memorization power and improves perception. These are the basis of higher mathematics, and once the child learns these essential elements, he can quickly grab the higher concepts. 

Rubik’s cube: 

We all must have tried solving Rubik’s cube once in our life. Some of us might have been successful after several attempts, while some couldn’t achieve the goal. Studies reveal that Rubik’s cube stimulates a person to think. It requires concentration, logic, and critical thinking. It helps in memory retention, hand-eye coordination, and teaches problem-solving. It has been a popular puzzle because it is entertaining and improves cognitive skills as well. Initially marketed as the ‘impossible puzzle,’ it is now used by many to teach logical skills. 

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Games are the best method to ensure your child’s development. They help your kid excitingly learn something new.