SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important aspects of marketing that places your brand and products on top of the search engine result pages, which helps your business in lot many ways. If you are running a local business, then it’s important to optimize your site for the local search results. If you fail to do so, you are going to lose your business to rival’s persistence efforts. Let’s get through some of the tips from the successful SEO experts to help you grow your business.


Posts are the base of the blog, and you must make the base    pretty well to get the success. Before writing any content, think about why you are writing that?” says Navneet Kaushal of PageTraffic. His advices are to create post based on the following domain,

  • Solve your audience’s query.
  • Solve the problem your audience is facing.
  • To educate your audience about the particular stuff.

He recommends to try BUZZ SUMO to find out popular post in your niche. He also asks to visit Facebook groups, forums and Google+ communities in order to see what people are discussing in internet marketing.


 Julia Enthoven of Kapwing blog advises, “For better or worse, news follows money. If SEO is crucial for your business, you might want to consider how well –known your potential investors are to maximize PR coverage.” She mentions Brain Chesky of AirBnb and Justin Kan of Twitch use their quirky, entertaining and culturally-relevant stunt to bring traction to their company in the early days and their way of helping their web business grow through Google.

Link building or attracting attentions from press and bloggers takes creativity, authenticity and clever execution, but the reward is huge. Brainstorm ways you can get attention, even if they have nothing to do with your core product or business. Social media and PR flashes are temporary, but SEO is forever.” she cheers. She praises that loyal customers as your biggest advocates and she asks you to collaborate with the ones who have websites to get new links.

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Stay top of your conversions, actual results and dollars earned from your analytics.” Says Bruce Clay of the blog Bruce Clay. He adds, “Pay particular attention to rising or falling click-through rates and bounce rates, which will show you how many searchers clicked through your site and whether they liked what they found.”

He asks us to be aware of our rankings in regular organic results and in the local pack. He suggests you to choose at least five specific local keyword phrases to focus on at a time, but test more for rankings. He recommends to use a tool like AuthorityLabs to track local rankings. You can make your own keyword tracking tool using a site like SerpProxy.


Encourage users to review products and leave feedback on your E-commerce site. It’s an easy way to get free content, make each product page unique and also keep it fresh. UGC will take your product pages to the top of the search results. Besides, 70% of online shoppers are looking for product reviews before they finally make their purchase. In order to make it easy for visitors to find products, Ecommerce sites offer the ability to sort and filter content on the basis of multiple parameters.

You could end up with lots of duplicate pages and you need to tell Google which ones to index in order to avoid passing link juice to unimportant pages. URL parameter-handling may be a little complicated but is very important for a clean URL structure and effective” says Sarvesh Bagla of Techmagnet.

He also urges to optimize your E-commerce site for mobiles. With the boom of the smartphone industry and its usage, creating mobile friendly site to handle this growing segment and effective mobile SEO could help you get ahead on the mobile searches to beat the sites with web searches, he adds.

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Search engines weigh anchor text elements with a lot of importance. Both quality and quantity of anchor text links pointing to your site will influence your rankings on SERPs. Anchor texts are important. Maintaining a natural link graph is even more important. With the recent change in Google’s algorithm – Google is clamping down on spam. Blekko recently announced they have banned content farms.

I think this all points to adding content that’s useful to the users and not with the sole purpose of ranking higher. You can always argue – well who defines “useful” – we would need to leave that conversation for another article!” says Prashant Puri of AdLift. He recommend some tools to track your sites performance of which some are listed below,

  • Google Webmaster Tool – to monitor internal links, external links, search query analysis, and to track duplicate titles and crawl errors.
  • org – for link graph and anchor text distribution.
  • BridgeEdge’s SEO Platform – to track rankings and analyze competitive landscape.


The tips mentioned in this article resembles several droplets of the mighty ocean of marketing. If you want to succeed you need to know all the positive and more importantly negatives of the field of marketing. Remember that the majority part of the searches only visit first page of the SERP and you have to do intensive research into order to place your brand in that position. And more specifically focus more in your locale.