Kim’s Convenience Season 6: Is The Release Anytime Soon?

kim's convenience season 6

Kim’s Convenience season 6?? Remember how people like watching comedy shows? It is like the comfort zone of the people. That’s where Kim’s Convenience gave comfort to its audience. You would not believe it, but it has become one of the highest-watching shows currently and is breaking records. But now, is there something wrong? What is going on? The audience of the show has many questions and doubts, and it’s time to be answered all of them. A new journey, is it or a new twist?

The viewers have in mind more, or you can say that you have more expectations from Kim’s Convenience. After watching such an amazing show, you cannot wait to watch the next part. Kim’s Convenience has become a part of your daily life, and you do not want to stop watching it. You must have watched this amazing Canadian show with great fun and binge-watched it as well. Now, what are the new things coming up that you get to know about the show? Let’s find it out!

kim's convenience season 6

What is the hype about Kim’s Convenience Season 6?

Sadly, we have got to bring to your notice that the show has finally come to an end. Season 5 of Kim’s Convenience is referred to as the last season of your favorite show, Kim’s Convenience. But why is it the last season?

Here is why! The heart of the show or by whom the show was actually running and making it a fun show are not leaving the show. According to them, it’s time that they try out something different as it has been a long journey for them with Kim’s Convenience.

Well, you definitely know the names of the heart of the show, right? It is none other than Ins Choi as well as Kevin White. They have decided that the journey cannot be pulled too long and let it become the century’s hit show for the people who love to watch comedy sitcoms.

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Now, you know what all it was about the season 6, and it is indeed heartbreaking, but you can look forward to what the two best men create in the future further.

kim's convenience season 6

Does Kim’s Convenience last season worth it?

The last season that is Season 5 of Kim’s Convenience, was a hit. It actually took everyone off the floor and gave the best of all the seasons that they have made till now. From all the viewership and the rating, the creators don’t want to ruin the show anymore as it made the last episode worthful. The love from all around should not be gone, and Kim’s Convenience should always be loved.

If you haven’t watched the show, watch it right away, and if you are left with the last season of Kim’s Convenience, make sure you make the watch worth it as you cannot get enough of the show for yourself and will definitely suggest to others if you end up liking it a lot. The creators have made the best out of it.

Where to watch Kim’s Convenience?

If you haven’t watched the show and are looking forward to completing it right now, then it is time. All the episodes from Season 1 to Season 5 is there available on Netflix. Make sure you have your Netflix Subscription as it is time to watch the show. Prepare some snacks and jump onto your bed and couch after finishing all of your pending work. As now is the time to watch Kim’s Convenience.

In case you do not have the Netflix Subscription, you can always buy or rent from Amazon Video anytime. If not that too, you can search through and find Kim’s Convenience on some online platform and start watching or streaming it online.

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kim's convenience season 6

Critics’ View on Kim’s Convenience

As there is always an opinion on watching a show, you must want to know if the show is worth the watch or not. Don’t you worry, we will give you answers to that as well? No one wants to watch a show that is boring or does not have fun in it. Kim’s Convenience is the show that brings fun is your life and has a warm story to it. You will find comic relief in most scenes, and that is what’s the specialty of this show.

Critics have also shown their love for this show. And given it the best rating, they thought Kim’s Convenience deserved it. A rating of 8.3 out of 10 was given to this Canadian Comedy Show. The genre falls under comic sitcom, and no one says to watch a comedy series, do they? And you the answer.

kim's convenience season 6

How many seasons and episodes of Kim’s Convenience?

What started back in 2016 had its journey till 2021, giving the audience the opportunity to have fun while watching the show. The amazing creators of the show gave us not one but a total of five seasons. And each season is a wonderful journey for the Kim family.

Don’t you worry; you can easily complete the show in no time and binge-watch it from time to time. As each season contains only 13 episodes, that is, a total of 65 episodes and the timings for each episode is 24 to 27 minutes. So, you will definitely enjoy watching this amazing series and becoming a part of the Kim Family.

Final thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! I hope you have learned what you were looking for, and it was not as disappointing as you thought. Even though Kim’s Convenience Season 6 is not going to be made, you can still enjoy watching the rest of the seasons. And also, share this blog with those who want to know about Kim’s Convenience Season 6!