Juice Bottling for Dummies: 3 Ways to Enter the Market

juice bottling

If you’re interested in the juice bottling business, then you need the right information to lift off. The juice bottling business is a much bigger deal than it used to be.

The market is competitive. The work and research that leads to your first filled bottle will determine your success. However, once you get there, the results are rewarding, and there are opportunities for business growth.

You don’t need to start this journey on your own. In this guide, you will find some of the information you need to get started and grow.

Choose a Unique Inventory

You need to start by choosing and creating the right product. Since this is a popular market, the type of juice you make needs to be spot on.

You should get to know the ins and outs of the market before making decisions. If you want to be successful, you need to enter the market with something that stands out because it’s 1) not available or 2) a lot better than what already exists.

There are also various types of juices, ranging from juice nectars to reduced-calorie juices. You need to decide on your juice type and the ingredients you need. Afterward, a taste-testing is recommended with your target audience.

Moreover, learn about the health permits about your type of product in your location. The government usually requires health permits for food and drink products. These licenses can include food enterprise licenses, food manager certification, or food handler permits.

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Choose Your Bottle Container

Once you know your ideal juice recipe, it’s time to focus on the packaging. This has become very important in terms of marketing, usability, and environmental standards.

If you want to attract attention, you need to design the perfect bottle. Juice makers around the world have become very creative in order to compete in this market.

Here are a few ideas on how to stand out with your juice bottles:

  • Matching bottle caps
  • Kid-friendly bottles
  • Screen printing and photos
  • Minimalistic designs
  • Custom designs
  • Illustrations
  • Vintage designs

As you can see, there is no limit to designing your juice bottle. The goal is to stand out, cater to your audience, and adhere to your production capacity.

Build Contacts With Suppliers

Now that you know what you’re selling, it’s time to understand who can help you sell the product and where you can sell it. This takes time and effort, so it’s best to start making contacts right away.

The types of supplies you’ll be needing include produce vendors, farmer’s markets, and bottle contractors. Depending on the fruits you need, you may need to buy products from various suppliers. Not all of them offer a full range of products.

Get Your Equipment

Finally, you need the right bottle equipment. Manufactured juices require top-tier machines and processes to produce high quality and quantity. There are many different machines and approaches.

For example, some juices need centrifuges and hydraulic presses to extract the juice. Some need a juice filling line to meet high demands.

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Whatever bottle filling equipment you need, make sure that it’s high-quality and can be used to scale when your business begins to grow.

Entering The Juice Bottling Craze

There’s a long way ahead of you, but the opportunities look great to enter the juice bottling craze.

There’s been an increased demand for bottled juice. Consumers are more health-conscious and enjoy natural juices more than artificial soft drinks. Rising health concerns around the world also contribute to consumers reaching for products with the promise of better nutrition.

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