Is Buying FIFA Coins Illegal?

Buying FIFA Coins Illegal

FIFA coins can be your primary method of getting new players in FIFA Ultimate team. So, many people prefer buying FIFA coins for a variety of reasons. They get the ability to buy players right from the transfer market. Besides, they can open packs and even join in different challenges and tournaments. As a result, if you are taking part in an ultimate team, then acquiring FIFA coins has always been a fundamental part of what you do.

But, is it legal to buy FIFA coins? We will cover various points in this article that will specifically highlight this question. 

What are FIFA Coins?

When you manage to grow your squad in FUT, then the challenge starts to become more intense. It is where FIFA coins come into play. Well, it is the main currency that allows you to keep your speed in the competition. It enables you to buy players and other things in the transfer market.

You can earn coins in several ways. Some of the best methods include:

  • Be consistent and play FUT matches
  • Use Transfer Market to sell different items
  • Try the “Quick Sell” option to trade items
  • Collect coins as a gift or reward

Several Squad Building Challenges include coins as a reward. You can complete them to earn coins. As you can see, there are different ways to earn coins. Thus, selling or buying a virtual currency is quite common these days.

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Is It Legal?

You may not come across any legal consequences while buying FIFA coins. Moreover, now many coin suppliers are emerging in the industry who take care of everything. People buy from them without worrying about the legal consequences.

However, you should note that buying from any third party seller, distributing, or promoting coins is against the rules of EA.

Here are different measures that EA can do if someone breaks the rules:

  • Your account may get removed from leaderboards
  • You may lose rewards
  • The FUT coins may also get removed
  • The FUT club may get deleted
  • You may come across a temporary or permanent ban on your account
  • You may face access restrictions 

These are merely a few examples of actions. Thus, you must ensure that you are getting coins from a reliable seller.

Tips To Buy FIFA Coins

Since EA does not recommend buying coins, you may not get any specific amount for the coins. However, experts estimate the amount in several ways. For instance, it may cost you $0.0002 to buy a single coin. So, it turns out around 5000 coins for just $1. Now, you can compare this figure with the efforts you may need to put in when earning the same coin by playing matches. So, you can keep this rough estimate in mind while buying coins from third-party suppliers. 

Besides, make sure that you take extra care to avoid any of the consequences that may put your account at risk. If you want to read more details on this, then check out .

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How to Adhere to the EA Rules?

Here are three best ways that can keep your account safe, and at the same time, help you grow the number of coins.

  1. Make sure you trade players or earn coins at a reasonable price suiting the trend of Transfer Market. 
  2. Never engage your account in any activity such as buying coins or distributing them.
  3. If you want to purchase points, then you can do that from the official FUT store and other reliable retailers.

How to Ensure the Reliability of a Coin Seller?

If you do a simple search online, you will come across several third-party retailers who can help you buy coins. Nevertheless, you need to be very cautious while finalizing your search. For that, the first step is to check the entire website of a seller. Whether you want to exchange the coins for real money or buy some coins, make sure you read the feedback and reviews of previous customers. 

However, if you are experienced, then finding the best seller could be an easy task for you. Similarly, if you are a newcomer, then you must seek the opinion of other expert players before jumping into the deal.

Over to You!

In this article, we checked the overall concept of buying coins. Though it seems to be against the rules, buying coins may not be illegal under certain conditions. Another most important factor is safety. When it comes to buying coins, you have to consider several factors. Well, it all depends on the way you choose to do so.

The best way to manage your buying process is to select a trusted seller. You can check This site seems to be safe. Besides, it offers coins at a very fair price.