In-Store Marketing Tips: Visual Merchandising Ideas to Make an Impact

visual merchandising

It may feel as if the entire world has decided to move on to online shopping. In fact, retail e-commerce sales in 2020 topped $4.2 trillion!

But nothing will ever compare to going into a store and feeling the fabric, smelling the perfumes, and being able to try out items before you buy them.

Not to mention physical retail stores have a tool the online world doesn’t have; visual merchandising. Don’t miss out on this using this powerful tool. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your visual merchandising.

Visual Merchandising: What Is It?

You may be wondering what is visual merchandising and why is it important?

Visual merchandising is the practice of designing the in-store space to attract sales. So, think of your store as an advertisement, and you need to make sure it looks attractive and persuades people to buy.

Mannequins, window displays, testers… all these things are a part of visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising is important because it’s what sets your store apart from others, it’s where you create your uniqueness. It’s the first thing customers see.

Here are some tips to follow to help boost your game.

Make Those Windows Pop

The windows are arguably the most important visual merchandising display. It’s what people see first. Window displays set the tone for the entire store and tell people what to expect when they walk in there.

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You can dress it up or down as much as you want, but it must be strategic. It’s where you begin to tell your story.

Tell a Story

What do you want your customers to think or know about your store from the moment they see it? This is the story you need to tell.

Think about the retail store Anthropologie. Top to bottom the store’s fashion visual merchandising tells the story of bohemian chic and carefree attitudes.

What is your story? Are you selling a rugged adventure? Sporty and casual? Earthy and organic? Your in-store displays need to answer this question.

Display Tools

What we use to display is as important as what we’re displaying. A good foundation can bring entire it displays together.

Dicks Sporting Goods doesn’t display basketballs in a delicate handwoven basket, and stores don’t mount mannequins on cardboard boxes. Your display tools matter.

Think about custom options. What’s your vision, and what do you need for it? Make sure everything flows together.

Shape the Environment

An easy to remember design tip is to create variations.

Mix tall, medium, and shorts displays, or narrow, medium, and wide – create shapes and hierarchies. These elements are visually pleasing. Uniformity is boring, don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Visual Merchandising Examples

You can find examples and inspiration for visual merchandising everywhere! Take a stroll through the mall or a scroll through Pinterest and find designs that speak to you.

And then next – put it into action!

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