How to Stop ISP Throttling

How to Stop ISP Throttling

ISP Throttling has become a very common issue for active internet users. Regardless of your internet plan, you will always feel that you are not getting the desired speed. The only way to solve this problem is to detect the issue. It might be the OS (Operating System) which is performing very slowly. But the chance of blaming the OS is very low since modern laptops and smart device is fast enough to process the basic task.

The next logical step is to check for the data loss. If you are using the internet via optical cable, it is super important that you check you no data packets are lost. If so, contact your local ISP to fix this issue. Let’s assume, you have checked all the details but couldn’t find any optimum solution. The chances are high you are the victim of ISP Throttling. So, what is ISP Throttling? This is nothing but getting a lower speed which you are not supposed to. In general, the videos will load in lower resolutions, downloading the files will take time and you notice a significant delay in page loading. But don’t worry when you face these issues. We have some amazing tips that can help you to solve the ISP throttling problem without having any technical knowledge.

Do the manual testing

The first thing you should whether you are getting the desired speed or not is run manual testing. This can be done without the aid of any software. You can use YouTube as your prime arsenal. Play videos in 4K and see if you face any buffering. If so, you should immediately contact the ISP and tell them that you are having this issue. This can be done by downloading popular files from the internet. If you see the speed below the normal limit, you should ask the ISP what you are having this issue. The reason we are referring to the ISP for such issues is nothing to but to ease the hassle. They can fix this issue without even visiting your home. They will uncap the bandwidth and allow you to enjoy the actual bandwidth that you are supposed to get.

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Use a VPN

Most of the time, ISP throttles the bandwidth for gaming, P2P, and frequent large files downloading issues. There is a task that takes a huge amount of data and the ISP can save a decent amount of money by narrowing down the bandwidth. But if you use a VPN, they won’t be able to monitor your performance.  Use free VPN for 30 days and see it for yourself. You will see a dramatic improvement in your net connection with zero buffering issues. The reason is nothing but the ISP. They will consider your connection as one of the safest spots as they won’t register the big files that you are downloading on the maximum bandwidth.

Start using the proxy server

At times the use of proxy servers can solve the issue. But for that, you will need the basic knowledge of routing. This can be learned via an online tutorial. Change to different proxy and see if it works. Chances are very high that you will get a decent speed if you manage to do the things in the correct order. But many people prefer to use the premium VPN to change the IP and proxy so that they can get the best possible speed without being traced. There is no need to struggle hard when you can get this from the amazing VPN software. Feel free to use the trial version and decide whether it’s worth the money or not.

Look for hardware failure

In some cases, you might a victim of ISP Throttling due to hardware failure. The most common reason is the faulty router or your Wi-Fi receiver. Make sure you double-check this the features of these two devices before you ask your ISP for an upgrade. If things seem perfect and you are still facing the problem, you might change the line or go for a better plan. But make sure you know when you are not getting the desired internet speed for your money.