How to Start Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin era System

We all are very much aware of the popularity of Bitcoin. When it was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, people were not sure how this would go with the market. In 2009 when the currency was launched traders welcomed it with open hands. Ever since the cryptocurrency was launched it became a revolution for traders. In the year 2017, Bitcoin experienced the biggest surge of all time and became the first choice of the investors. Who would know this was just the beginning of the cryptocurrency upheaval? Read out How to Start Bitcoin Trading.

Today almost every investor wants to invest in Bitcoin and every trader wants to deal with this crypto currently.  With its easy and hassle-free processing, one can buy Bitcoins with credit card and debit card. Although it is lenient to trade Bitcoin, you need some basic knowledge to make easy and quick money utilizing this digital currency. For trading to go Bitcoin Revolution Login and make your strategy.

Here, we will see how you can earn while trading Bitcoins. But, before we jump into the trading part let’s see what bitcoin trading is?

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin Trading involves the speculation in the price of the currency. Here the traders have to judge whether the price of the currency will fall or go higher and depending upon that they have to set the trade. As Bitcoin is consistently in the news ever since it has been launched, traders find it a good object to work on. Also with the consistent rise in the currency value, even investors are considering Bitcoin for future investment purposes. 

How to Trade on Bitcoin?

You may think that protecting the movements of the Bitcoin trade can be easier and anyone can do it? But you are highly mistaken. Although you can earn a good amount while trading on Bitcoin, it requires effort, knowledge and lots and lots of practice. For the start, you can rely on these six steps. 

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Step 1: Know what affects the price of Bitcoin:

Before you go ahead and build your strategies and mark your speculations you need to know what affects the movement of Bitcoins. The demand and supply, any relatable news, integration of the Bitcoin into a new payment system and the Bitcoin-related key events are some of the factors which affect the trade of Bitcoins. 

Step 2: Choose Your Strategy

Now when you know what are points that affect the movement of Bitcoin trade the next thing you can do is to build a smart strategy. Bitcoin involves 4 major strategies:

  • Day trading: Those looking for bitcoin’s short-term price profits can go with the Day trading. As the name suggests here you have to open and close your trade within a single day. 
  • Bitcoin Hedging: Bitcoin Hedging is the strategy you build when you can predict the movement in the Bitcoin trade. For example, you owe some Bitcoins and you know that the value of the Bitcoin may go down in the upcoming days. In this situation, you can sell some or all of your Bitcoins and earn a profit.
  • Trend Trading: trend trading is a strategy that involves reading the current trends and the market movements of Bitcoins. Here you have to build your strategy depending upon the trends by reading the graphs and other available data.  
  • HODL: While trading if you realise that you are getting a positive Outlook then you can go with this strategy. This one involves buying and holding the Bitcoin position as long as you see the profit. 

Step 4: Select between long or short

It is vital to select between long and short Bitcoin trading strategies. Here, going long means you are expecting a good rise in the price of Bitcoin in the long term. On the other hand, going short means you are expecting that the price of Bitcoin may go down. You can certainly select between long or short depending upon the current or regular market trends. 

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Step 5: Mark your limits

Reading the market trends and analysing the data you will be able to realise where to mark the limit of Bitcoin trading. 

Step 6: Monitor the trade

When it comes to trading, market sentiments are not consistent and trends change within seconds. All of this makes monitoring your trade a must. Here you can sell the Bitcoin if you think that the price goes down and similarly you have to buy the trade if according to you the price of the Bitcoin may go high. 

Step 7: Close the trade with profit or minimum loss:

You have started the train that doesn’t mean you have to sit all day and do the business. Trade is all about knowing the strategy and acting accordingly. So when you know that you are getting profit and you are not sure about the future treats you can certainly go ahead and close your trade. Every day cannot be a good day and this means you may have to face loss too. Here you just have to make sure that the loss should always be minimum and profit should be maximum with Bitcoin Trading. 


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For those looking to delve into the world of cryptocurrency trading, understanding otc markets can be a valuable step in learning how to start Bitcoin trading. Explore the platform and its features to gain insights and embark on your Bitcoin trading journey.