How to Host an Effective Safety Committee Meeting

safety committee meeting

In 2019, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries. An injury can happen at any workplace, which makes having a safety committee meeting critically important. A committee can be the perfect start to creating a safer workplace environment.

Read on to learn about how to host an effective safety committee meeting.

Assign a Director

The first step to run a safety committee meeting is to assign a director. This person could be you or someone else who is committed and capable.

A director is critical to motivating all levels of employees. More importantly, they need to understand all the safety issues your company is dealing with.

A safety committee meeting director should be chosen carefully. It is also possible to spread this role to more than one person. There could be a number of people able to fit the role.

In this case, you can have co-chairs. Each person may be assigned a different job to make things easier and more organized. For example, one can focus on communication while another drives progress.

Ensure Equal Representation

A company has multiple departments that need to be represented within the safety meeting. One of the best safety meeting tips is first asking for volunteers from the departments. If you don’t get any takers, bring in managers and even entry-level individuals.

Understand What a Safety Committee Meeting Does

Above all, a safety meeting can focus on the danger of complacency, but there is much more to it. To ensure you are hosting an effective safety meeting, you need to understand the end goal. Some safety meeting ideas include:

  • Creating safe practices
  • Creating training programs and orientation
  • Requiring safety training
  • Increase safety awareness
  • Encourage employees to talk about concerns
  • Investigate injuries
  • Update safety manuals
  • Have inspections done
  • Correct problems
  • Review claims
  • Write dispute policies
  • Develop checklists for safety
  • Gather feedback
  • Ensure compliance with safety laws
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These safety meeting tips can keep you and your workplace on track. Coming up with topics is the beginning as you start an open dialogue with your staff. You can find more ideas with these safety training topics.

Meet Regularly

With the many safety meeting ideas to cover, your team should be meeting regularly. This will help lower the risk of the danger of complacency. Generally, you should be getting together at least once a month.

Going through these meetings is not your only responsibility. Once concerns are heard, the committee needs proper resources to solve the problems. Members will have no motivation to continue without making real change.

A productive meeting will have an agenda. You can make these in advance. A sample agenda would include reviewing the prior meeting, reviewing recent incidents, discussing reports, and following up on assignments.

Creating an Effective Committee

Creating an effective committee involves a lot of actions, but that is the point of a committee. If you want your safety committee meeting to have a major positive outcome, you should consider these steps. Knowing where to start is just the beginning, it’s time to host a safety committee meeting now.

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