How to Find the Best Student Accommodation Facility in Melbourne?


It’s no surprise that Melbourne offers top-quality educational institutions and ranks number one among the universities in Australia. It offers the best living standards in Australia for international and domestic students. No wonder why overseas students rush to this city for education. 

Every year, Melbourne attracts many students from overseas countries such as India, China, Malaysia, and many more. These students may find it challenging to search for a housing facility for students in such a big and lively city such as Melbourne, especially when it’s their first visit to this fantastic city. Student accommodation service providers such as iglu accommodation in Melbourne guide international and domestic students through their well-versed websites.  

Whether you are a domestic student wishing to live independently from your family or an international student looking for educational opportunities in Australia’s top-ranking educational city, this article will help you find the best suitable accommodation in Melbourne. So keep reading to learn tips to get yourself boarded in your dream city.

Considering the Budget

Although one may easily give in to the high living standards of this beautiful city, folks must first review their budget. It will allow them to filter out some housing options which are out of their budget. Whether they want a shared apartment to reduce rents, a dorm near the college to make new friends, or a studio apartment to study peacefully by themselves – they need to decide the one which will match their financial resources.Use an apartment finder, there are many websites and apps that can help you find apartments in your price range. There is a considerable difference in the rents of these options. 

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You must also think practically. Renting a luxurious room in such a glamorous city would be tempting. But it may not be feasible for a student to rent one. Check out if you can get financial support such as scholarships, grants, or loans. Some governments also provide allowances such as rent assistance. Go through all this monetary support information first.

Check the Safety Features

The most important item on one’s checklist must be the security feature. After all, fellows stay away from their parents. Hence, they must ensure their apartment has security features such as CCTV, e-card access, and 24/7 security support. 

Melbourne is a huge city with so much to explore. You might also get lost if you are new to the city. Choosing a Melbourne housing facility that can provide instant assistance in any crisis or adversity regarding your safety is best. Never compromise on your safety, even if it means paying a little higher than a less secured apartment.  

Research Your Options

When looking for accommodation, it is essential to conduct your research on every available option within your budget. You need to visit each housing facility and inspect the space thoroughly. For the time being, you can stay at temporary accommodations such as hotels and lounges. Talk with the housing faculty of your college for student accommodation service references. 

Creating a checklist and tick off the options with the facilities you are looking for. Check if your option has a 24/7 water and power supply, high-speed WiFi, study rooms, and laundry service. It is even better if your apartment has access to a gym and social spaces such as a lounge room, tennis room, or pool table. It would be a bummer to sign the rental documents and realise that the place is not worth its value. 

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The Bottom Line

It can be overwhelming to stay away from your family and start a new life in a new city. Choosing suitable accommodation will relieve you from some worries about the laundry, WiFi, gym, and many more. You must review websites and articles that provide reviews and feedback on these housing services. Once you get your roof settled, no one can stop you from achieving your career goals!


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