How to choose IP telephony services for an online store

IP telephony services

If you are planning to launch an online store, then with IP telephony you will be able to build communication channels with customers without significant telephone costs. IP telephony provider Freezvon connects a virtual number for Ukraine and foreign countries, cloud PBXs for business and will tell you which IP telephony services an online store can use to increase the number of satisfied customers.

Why do Internet shops need IP-telephony?

Virtual telephony transmits voice signals over the Internet, and not over a local telephone line. To organize a call center, a store does not need to spend money on PBX equipment or call equipment.

Sometimes e-commerce companies start a business with simple mobile numbers, but soon find that it is difficult to manage calls when there are a lot of them, and communication costs can be out of budget when subscribers call the store from another region. But IP-telephony allows you to optimize these processes using virtual numbers and IP PBX.

Reasons to order virtual telephony:

Open line for clients. With a multichannel number, managers will be able to answer the calls of several buyers at a time;

Cheap rates. The virtual number allows you to forward calls to SIP for free for many destinations, including Ukraine. And make outgoing calls at the lowest prices;

Cost structuring. Statistics for each call with information on call cost, duration, etc.;

Easy to scale telephony. Add new virtual numbers or channels when you are ready to expand your call center;

Improving the level of customer service by using additional VoIP services.

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What VoIP services are required for a call center in an online store

To manage all calls and make shopping in the online store more comfortable for customers, Freezvon recommends ordering the IP PBX service.

Virtual PBX includes the following set of services:

  • Queue management and call forwarding. Allows you to reduce the response time to a customer call. Virtual PBX uses scripts that determine which of the managers will receive a call depending on busyness, last response time and other parameters;
  • Unlimited internal numbers for each call center operator. Provide free internal calls;
  • Voice IVR menu. Allows the client to contact the right specialist by dialing his extension number, get information about the work of the store or redirect the call to the regional office;
  • Call recording. A tool for monitoring the service of an online store. Can be used to analyze the main requests of buyers, check how well trained operators are;
  • SIP-accounts in unlimited quantity. For inexpensive outgoing calls;
  • Widget for Callback or Click to Call website. They increase the number of satisfied customers who can get the manager’s answers quickly and without spending their money on a call.

Depending on which market the online store is targeting, the Freezvon provider may offer national, regional and mobile virtual numbers. 800 Toll Free numbers are also available, which allow shoppers to call the store for free. Launching a call center for an online store does not take much time.

 Within three days after placing the order, manager will send instructions on how to use the IP PBX by email. Freezvon IP telephony services will ensure the smooth operation of your online store and high-quality telephone communication for communicating with customers.

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