How This Electric Trike Is The Perfect Daily Travel Companion For You

Traveling in the modern day and age has become somewhat of a travesty. Only a few people can really afford to travel by themselves on a daily basis anymore. With rising fuel prices, and exploding vehicle prices themselves, whether it is the average petrol-based sedan or motorbike, van or semi, it has become increasingly difficult, if not totally impossible for the average working person to maintain daily transit through his own personal means.

However, even if one turns to public transport, there are not any less problems sticking out their heads. With overcrowded subways, and saturated buses, it is difficult, if not unimaginable, to travel in any of the public sources, without reaching your destination fatigued, uncomfortable and totally out of your element. The ever-increasing pollution concerns are in a league of their own, as with each car rev, ten plants wilt. This is where Etrikes come into play.

With some of the best electric trikes for adults on sale, you can get the deal of your life and rid yourself of all those problems in an instant. From an average three wheel electric bike to an electric trike for 2 adults, there is much variety to choose from. However, one of the best and most versatile choices that has, from time and again, proved itself in the realm of the best electric trikes for adults, is the Addmotor Soletri M-366X, an electric trike for 2 adults that has been repeatedly been considered as one of the best electric trikes for adults.

Comfort With Ability

The ability part of the etrike is evident by the 48V*750W front-mounted Motor that provides this three wheel electric bike with the necessary performance. With a front motor, it provides increased trike control while navigating through difficult terrain or making turns. This makes it an incredibly safe travel platform for your daily transit from the office and back, and to the office again. Due to the nature of these kinds of daily travels, the motor suits this three wheel electric bike with the perfect mix of performance and comfort due to the silent and easy-going nature of the machine.

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Being an electric trike for 2 adults, the Soletri is expected to be of utmost comfort and utility for both the passengers and it certainly fulfills that purpose with its sleek and comfortable banana seat that can make a comfortable seating arrangement for two riders, for long periods of travel. This electric trike for 2 adults also has a step-thru frame design that is perfect for long, tedious hours of use, as they will lower the amount of effort one needs to get on and off this three wheel electric bike themselves, thus, saving the rider from loads of fatigue and discomfort.

What truly seals the deal for the Soletri M-366X being one of the best electric trikes for adults is the suspension system that has been integrated into this model. Coming in with a full suspension, this three wheel electric bike maxes out the comfort levels that no other counterpart has reached. The M-366X features a full suspension system which is designed to absorb any bumps or shocks that the trike may encounter on the road, making it a flawlessly luxurious and comfortable experience for any rider. This electric trike for 2 adults also makes sure that any kind of damaged road can be easily traversed by anyone, making it ideal for daily transit, where you may come across a piece of damaged road, or any other obstacle unexpectedly. This is further amplified by the use of GIGAS Puncture-resistant 20″ X 4.0″ Inches Durable Tires from Kenda that make comfort levels on one of the best electric trikes for adults reach places where it was not thought to be possible.

Utility & Function

This electric trike for 2 adults not only maximizes the amount of comfort it provides the rider with but also makes sure that the rider has all the possible utilities available at the reach of their palms.  This is evident by the newly integrated parking brakes that make it easier and safer for the rider to park at any angle without having to worry about it due to the presence of the parking brake on this three wheel electric bike. The rider is also provided with the world’s first 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery pack the EB 2.0, which provides an estimated range between 40 to 85 miles. This mammoth of a battery not only ensures a longer, healthier battery life, but also a massive range upon a single complete charge. Which means that one can put the etrike on the charge at night, and travel without bounds or worries about running out of mileage in the morning, with this etrike always remaining on hold, ready on the go.

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The etrike is outfitted with the new EB 2.0 25A Controller, which has been converted to a chip-type, allowing for more board area and fewer circuit modules. This represents an advancement in electronics because everything has become small, simple, and straightforward to operate for the consumer’s ease in maintaining this gadget. The embedded enhanced speed of up to 7 PAS on the EB 2.0 Multi function LCD display can also fulfill your demand for speed. The incorporation of left and right turning indicators on the display panel adds to security whilst riding. This shows the emphasis on the harmony of all the features working together as a unit in the Soletri, with the motor working as the heart of the etrike itself. With the advanced electrical system invented by Addmotor, ultimate visibility can be paired perfectly with impressive durability. All in all, making this electric trike for 2 adults is one of the most complete.

The harmonious nature of the cooperation of all the features and factors involved in the Addmotor Soletri make it the perfect companion for your daily traveling, where you can be sure that this electrical trike will respond to everything you ask of her.