How SMBs Can Benefit from Third-Party IT Services

How SMBs Can Benefit from Third-Party IT Services

For a small business, hiring an internal IT department is not always feasible. The costs related to operating an in-house IT department can be tremendous. If your small business needs IT services but can’t afford to hire developers, consider your other options for IT management. There are plenty of third-party IT companies out there that specialize in helping small businesses with their technology needs. Let’s take a look at some of the ways they can benefit your company:

IT Infrastructure Support

Monitoring IT infrastructure can be critical in helping companies keep track of how their hardware and software are working. When something goes wrong, it’s good to know before you hear from your customers.

Third-party IT providers can often quickly fix problems with the company’s hardware and software, saving you and your employees time. They also typically have experience with a variety of technologies, so they may be able to recommend upgrades or replacements that will help improve efficiency at your business.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Not only will a third-party IT service monitor your hardware, but with RMM, they can help you manage your business as well. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a tool that allows you to monitor your computers remotely without having to be physically present. This can help keep your employees productive and save time by automatically alerting you when specific issues arise. It’s also beneficial because it gives you the ability to manage multiple devices at once without hiring more staff or running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to fix everything yourself.

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Lastly, RMM platforms allow customers to track their workstations from anywhere with an internet connection through the cloud — so clients can see what’s going on if they have any questions or concerns. With RMM from ConnectWise, businesses can “gain insight into client networks, provide the ability to keep machines maintained and up to date, and proactively stay ahead of any issues.” Remote monitoring and management are essential for companies that work remotely or handle diverse clients that require active service and administration.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management

When it comes to IT services, taking a third-party approach can be beneficial in many ways. One of the main reasons is that outside service providers have access to better technology and resources than SMBs do on their own—which means they’re able to provide you with higher levels of service.

Businesses need to have disaster recovery and business continuity management in place in case of any emergencies. The ability to recover quickly from incidents and provide constant access to your business and services can help your brand stand out and remain relevant to your customers.

Disaster recovery refers to getting your business up and running after an unforeseen disaster, such as a fire or flood. Business continuity management is more general than disaster recovery; it refers more broadly to planning so that if something were to happen (or if your computer systems went down), you’d still be able to provide uninterrupted operation for customers. Third-party IT services providers specialize in both disaster recovery and business continuity management—so they can help you prepare yourself against both types of unexpected events that might disrupt your business operations.

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Advanced Security Services

Security is of utmost importance to SMBs, but it can take a lot of work to keep security updated when you manage a network of employees on various devices. Fortunately, third-party IT services can help with this critical task.

It’s essential to choose a security provider that understands the unique needs of small businesses, as well as their limitations. A good provider will be able to provide advanced protection remotely — something that may not be possible for your in-house staff or other companies offering similar services.

Third-party IT service providers, such as ConnectWise, employ highly trained professionals familiar with the latest threats and how best to combat them. This means they can provide you with better protection than if you were doing everything yourself or relying solely on automated software updates and anti-virus programs.

IT Service Providers Can Benefit SMBs

Many small businesses can’t afford to hire an internal IT department; luckily, there are expert IT companies that can help. These third-party service providers often provide services at a lower cost than an internal IT department would. They also offer tailored solutions that are more appropriate for your business needs.

Working with a third-party IT service provider is an excellent option for small businesses. These companies can provide everything from essential support to complex network management and security services, all at an affordable price.