How Containers Keep Your Goods Safe During Transit

How Containers Keep Your Goods Safe During Transit

Shipping containers are regularly exposed to the elements, surviving constant attack from saltwater and differing climates around the globe. Because of this, they’re constructed with corten steel, known for its structural and anti-corrosive properties, and painted with hard-wearing marine-grade paint for long-term protection. On top of that, the corrugated walls provide stability and strength in order to withstand heavy use during transportation.

Shipping Container Sizes

Shipping and storage containers come in a range of sizes. Here are the popular dimensions for 8, 10, 20, and 40-foot units, which includes their exterior and inside length, width, and height. When selecting a container for your cargo, constantly test the inside height, width, and size for most house optimisation.

8-foot (2.42m) standard container dimensions

Also known as mini cubes, these are the smallest containers available for shipping. In terms of size, they are comparable to an average garden shed.


10-foot (3.05m) standard container dimensions

These containers are not commonly used in commercial shipping but can be used for shipping overland. A 10-foot container can be used for secure cargo storage or for moving goods on trucks.

20-foot standard container

A 20-foot standard container, also referred to as the twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU), can roughly hold the contents of a three-bedroom house, including things like a sofa, bed, TV, refrigerator, storage boxes, etc. These are easily stackable and relatively cheaper to ship. A 20-foot container can fit 10-11 pallets.

40-foot standard container

One of the most commonly used containers in ocean freight, 40-foot containers are mainly used for voluminous cargo like cotton, furniture, paper scrap, clothes, etc. A high cube 40-foot container, which can be up to 2.7 metres or 8.1 feet tall, is used for goods that need extra height. A 40-foot standard container can fit about 20-24 pallets.

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