How Can 3D Scanning Benefit Your Business?

3D Scanning

Technology has come a long way, with some technologies finding use in businesses that would not have used them in the past. A good example is a 3D scanner. 3D scanning services have risen to become some of the most important prototyping and product development tools in a lot of businesses. 3D scanning benefits your business, and it is these benefits that we will look at below.

It Makes Discussing New Products Easier

When working on a new product, all many businesses have is an abstract idea of what the final product is going to be. It can be hard to portray exactly what you are thinking because everyone in the room might have a different mental picture of what you are talking about.

When you have a 3D scan or print of a product, you can use it to show exactly what you are thinking and therefore help people have a better understanding of the product you have in mind.  

When people have concerns or questions about any part of a new product, it can be difficult to understand what their concerns are if you do not have a 3D model of the product. By having a 3D scan or print of the object, anyone with any concerns can point out the flaws they identify and you can talk through them using the render in front of you. 

It Makes Designing New Products Easier

When designing products that have to fit existing parts, it can be difficult to make the different parts fit together when the designers do not have the right material and information to work with. 3D scans of the existing parts can make it easier for designers to fit the new products and parts into the existing products easily.

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It Makes it Easier to Improve Products

There are cases where a business needs to improve on an existing product and they do not have the original CAD files available. In these cases, they can utilize 3D scanning benefits and services to get a scan of the existing product. Once they have this scan, they can use it to improve the existing product or even come up with new products based on the product that already exists.

It Reduces the Cost of Production

Prototyping is an integral part in the development of new products. In the past, a business would have to create physical iterations of the products they wanted to produce, see if there are improvements to be made, make the improvements, and repeat the process. Now, 3D scanning reduces the number of prototypes that have to be created because all the changes and improvements can be made in software.

By doing this, businesses reduce the number of design cycles, lower the cost of production, and increase output. The savings can be passed on to creating new products that would not have been considered before or be used to improve existing products.

3D scanning is no longer a novelty, with more businesses seeing it as an integral part of their manufacturing process. 3D scanning benefits businesses in numerous ways and with the cost of 3D scanners and printers falling, there is no reason why your business should not take advantage of what 3D technology has to offer.