Gamble online in Ontario – what’s legal?

online in Ontario

Gambling is a form of entertainment that most people associate with illegal activities. Luckily, if you want to gamble online in Ontario, you should know that you can do so completely legally. There’s one very important thing to keep in mind, though – just because gambling is legal, it doesn’t mean that it should become your obsession or primary source of revenue. Sure enough, it can be something you might believe that you are lucky enough to keep your winning streak – but it should never be something you rely on to fund your entire lifestyle. 

April will go down in history as the most important month for Ontario’s online gambling community

The legalization of Ontario’s online gambling market has been in the making for quite some time. The talks of legalizing online casino activities first began a few years ago – in April 2019, to be precise. This is when the provincial government first started talking about its plans to end the lottery’s online gambling monopoly. Fast-forward three years later and you can now play your favorite casino games in Ontario without the uncomfortable thoughts that you are breaking the law. 

Of course, there are some rules that need to be followed which were published by the province itself, no less. For example, know that split-screen or multi-screen slot play is banned, and the games shouldn’t make it seem like your skills or ability to play will affect the final outcome. After all, we all know that slots are a game of luck – not skill. Likewise, they need to have a minimum spin speed of 2.5 seconds and auto-play is banned. 

Who regulates the market?

For you to be able to gamble online in Ontario, a lot of work had to be put in by the regulatory bodies. iGaming Ontario, which is a subsidiary branch of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), will have the responsibility, as well as the pleasure, to regulate the new market. For an online casino to be able to operate legally, it first needs to obtain all the necessary licenses. 

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iGaming Ontario has already granted many licenses, and they did so as soon as gambling became legal in the province. The good news is that many more casinos are constantly being added to the list of licensed places, so you’ll have a lot of options once you decide to sit down and find the optimal online casino for yourself.

The best legal online casinos in Ontario 

If you don’t feel like taking any risks with online casinos that you know nothing about, you can always opt for one of the many fan-favorite options. The iGaming market in Ontario has been legal for quite a few months, so people have had the chance to try and test numerous places. Here’s what they would usually pick out as their top five choices: 

  1. LeoVegas – with free spins, exclusive LeoVegas games, and a generally rich games library, it’s no wonder you’ll find this name to be on the list of favorites of every true gambling aficionado. 
  2. 888 Casino – with games coming from the leading software providers and frequent promotions, we can definitely see why 888 Casino is an industry-recognized reputable brand. 
  3. Royal Panda – a truly royal experience awaits those that opt for Royal Panda, as the casino will provide you with various depositing options, plus an incredible welcome package once you first sign up. 
  4. PlayOJO – the casino claims that you can feel the fun when playing their casino games and with a rich selection of roulette, blackjack, and live casino games, we are inclined to agree. 
  5. Wildz – with a generous no-deposit bonus, numerous progressive jackpot options, and an RTP which is shown for all slots, Wildz will provide a safe and enjoyable gambling experience. 

If you are still not sure where to play, you can always read up on what others had to say. Websites like will make it easy for you to read honest casino reviews, helping you pick the perfect Ontario online casino for your needs and preferences. The reviews are usually written by taking a look at different criteria, so you should be able to find out the particularities related to each casino. 

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Things you need to know if you want to gamble online in Ontario

If this is going to be your first time gambling and experiencing the appeal of online casinos, there are a few things you ought to know. For starters, as a Canadian citizen, you will not be persecuted if you decide to gamble online. Not only can you gamble legally in Ontario’s online casinos, but you can do so on offshore websites, as well. That’s some excellent news, as it gives you greater freedom and it certainly provides you with more choices. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that all winnings that you make from gambling in Ontario are not taxable. The only time when there will be an exception to the rule is if your gaming activities are seen as a form of employment. That’s decided based on your skill, frequency of playing, and how much you profit each week/month from casino games. 

Now, while online gambling in Ontario is legal, that doesn’t mean that every online casino will be secure. Here’s when your own background research coupled with some measures of precaution will be crucial in keeping you safe. Make sure you play at licensed casinos only and do your job of understanding the basics of cybersecurity. Knowing what not to do while browsing the web will save you from stolen data and information, as well as different malware attacks. 

The bottom line

As of April 2022, it’s completely legal to gamble online in Ontario. The laws have been changed in the favor of the players who can now play their favorite casino games in domestic, as well as offshore casinos. Of course, some things remain the same – and that’s the fact that you need to keep yourself safe. We recommend that you make it your task to play at reputable casinos only, as that will minimize your chances of encountering a security issue that can be costly – both emotionally and financially.