Four promising young golfers to look out for

Four promising young golfers to look out for

Golf is as unpredictable as any other sport. With a slew of young guns entering every year, the competition only gets more difficult. These younglings are fiery, passionate, and do not hold back when it comes to proving their worth to the world. Amidst the intensity of the game, having the right equipment, such as a cool golf bag, can make a significant Find about the promising young golfers.

If you frequently bet on golf and are looking for the best in the game, a swathe of them are under 25 years old. Despite the naivety and impulsivity of their twenties, these young men are confident in their attitude, smart in their choices and are locked and loaded when it comes to talent.

Here are 4 promising young golfers to look out for:

SungjaeIm (South Korea)

This 22-year-old started playing as a young child and turned professional in 2015. In a matter of four years, he won the 2018 Tour, on which he was also Player of the Year. He was crowned Rookie of the Year for the 2018-19 PGA Tour and bagged his first PGA win at The Honda Classic in 2020.

Known for his humility and high spirits, two years of compulsory military service for all Korean men could prove to be an inconvenience to his career. If he wins an Olympic medal, he could be considered for an exemption.

Collin Morikawa (United States)

A seasoned golf betting tipster knows the best to place his bets on this Las Vegas native. Collin Morikawa turned professional in 2019 and came close to equaling Tiger Woods’ 25 cut streak at the beginning of his PGA Tour career. Having won several amateur championships, he seamlessly transitioned into life on the PGA Tour.

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Having already bagged 3 professional wins – including the 2020 PGA Championship – he is definitely one to look out for. Classy, unfazed and headstrong – Morikawa has emerged as competition even for the biggest names in the sport.

Joaquin Niemann (Chile)

Playfully nicknamed, “Joaco”, this 21-year-old young man started turning heads when he was the No. 1 ranked amateur in the world. Little did the world know, that was just the beginning of a prolific career.Niemann turned professional in 2018 and since then has bagged eight professional wins.

He earned his PGA Tour card at the young age of 19. Like any other sportsperson, he has seen ups and downs in his career; nevertheless, his passion and excellence is bound to take him forward.

Jon Rahm (Spain)

With more than $16 million in earnings, this 25-year-old Spaniard has seen a tremendous career trajectory. Having been crowned the World No. 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings for four weeks in 2020, he has proven himself on both American and European soil. He has bagged 12 professional wins in his career since 2016. He has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards and his performances have consistently got better and better.

In conclusion:

Times are changing, and young players are making big splashes in the game. Whether you are an enthusiast, a bettor, or an amateur player – these young men are definitely worth keeping an eye on.