Does Birth Control Make Sex More Enjoyable?

If you were to live in the Roman era, sex would likely have been a big part of everyday life. While it’s impossible to tell what the average Roman’s sex life was like, we do know that the population was super horny all the time. 

How do we know this? Well, there used to be an herb that was a highly effective contraceptive. It’s official name was Silphium, but it also went by quite a few nicknames as well. The herb was so effective that people could basically bone all the time with few consequences (remember STDs weren’t really a thing back then). So many Romans relied on Silphium that the plant went extinct. 

Why do we mention this? Well, birth control has always been an integral part of sex, and modern pills and methods allow women to have sex regularly without the risk of getting pregnant. While most women aren’t banging like the stars on sites like SexLikeReal, with creampies out the wazoo, birth control does have a significant impact. 

So, we wanted to know whether going on The Pill affected one’s sex life for better or for worse. Here’s what we discovered. 

The Physiology of Birth Control

First and foremost, it’s imperative to understand that sex is far more than just the act of penetration. One’s enjoyment of sexual intimacy can be affected by many factors, including attraction, biology, libido, societal expectations, and more. So, when asking the question of whether birth control affects one’s sexual enjoyment, we have to look at it from different angles. 

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When it comes to the physiological side of things, modern birth control works by “tricking” the body into thinking it’s pregnant. By creating these hormonal changes, women are less likely to have a period and drop eggs since the body doesn’t do that when a baby is living in the uterus. 

While periods can still happen on birth control, they’re far less frequent and women are generally far less fertile. However, the hormonal changes of “being pregnant” all the time can affect one’s sexual appetite. 

Mulitiple studies have shown no significant correlation between birth control and sex drive, so we know that taking The Pill doesn’t make women less horny. Instead, it likely affects who they’re attracted to. That’s where the next segment comes in – 

The Psychology of Birth Control

Although humans are complex creatures capable of problem-solving and abstract thinking, we’re still just animals. Instincts can count for a lot, and one’s biology can affect one’s brain more than you may realize. 

When taking birth control, women’s bodies think they’re pregnant, so they’re less focused on finding strong and virile partners. Instead, they’re often more attracted to nesters and providers, not hunters. For this reason, many women may prefer softer and more sensitive men because they’ll be more adept at taking care of the fake babies that these females are carrying. 

Ironically, in some cases, if a woman goes off The Pill because she really wants to get pregnant, she may not be as attracted to her partner. That is, until they do the deed and she gets pregnant for real. 

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On the other hand, taking birth control removes a lot of the potential consequences of sex. While STDs and other dangers exist, women may feel more open and experimental with a trusted sexual partner. After all, if it’s almost impossible to get pregnant, what’s the harm in going without a condom or getting some spunk in all the right places? 

The Bottom Line

Taking birth control doesn’t necessarily affect one’s sex drive, nor does it make sex more pleasurable. However, there are mulitple physiological and psychological elements at play, so the results vary from one person to another. 

Overall, taking birth control is often a smart move, particularly for women who have multiple partners. However, they need to be aware that when they stop taking The Pill, their attitudes toward sex and attraction may shift accordingly. So, while taking birth control, a woman may prefer boyfriend scenes on sites like SexLikeReal. Then, when she’s off The Pill, she may want something a bit more hardcore and rough.