Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Firearm

lonnie poteet

Building your firearm is fun and exciting, especially for people who love DIY projects. Now that the federal law has considered building your firearm a legal act, more and more people want to self-assemble a customized firearm for personal use. However, most of us end up making costly mistakes. To avoid issues associated with the DIY gun building projects, you’re advised to have basic knowledge regarding the build-up process. Below mentioned are some of the common mistakes that people make while building their firearms. 

  • Not Buying the Lowers from a Reliable Place

It is the first and one of the biggest mistakes people often make. Not buying the lowers from a reliable place can lead to undesirable consequences. For instance, you can lose ownership of the gun later on. Therefore, make sure you buy premium quality lowers from a trustworthy store.

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  • Not Using the Right Tools

Using the wrong tools for gun charges will not only cost you a lot of your time, but at times you might end up damaging the tool or the firearm, which will cost you more money. This happens due to a lack of knowledge and not thoroughly going through the manuals and how-tos.

Therefore, make sure that you read the manuals, instructions, and guidelines properly before you start building the gun.

  • Not Considering the Length of the Pistol

You must always pay attention to the length of your pistol as it affects the balance of your gun. The barrel length must be 16 inches at least; otherwise, your grip on the gun may not be ideal as you aim, target and shoot.

  • Damaging the Trigger Guard Hole
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Pounding the trigger guard pin with a hammer often breaks that particular area. Consequently, the whole receiver would become useless, and you would have to buy another one, which will cost you more money.

  • Wrong Adjustments

One of the biggest mistakes people make while building firearms is adjusting the wrong springs in the wrong holes. Again, this happens when they are either trying to rush or haven’t gone through the manual properly. No matter the reason, this wastes a lot of time, and it may require you to start the process all over again.

  • Wrong or Low-Quality Holsters

A low-quality holster won’t be able to keep your gun safe. People often buy cheap holsters for their guns, which fall apart very easily and leave your gun unprotected, and there is a high possibility of an accidental fire too. So make sure you invest in a good quality holster to avoid such accidents in the future. Investing in an alien gear will be a practical move as this should provides comfortable feel and security.

By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, you can build a high-quality firearm. Not only this, but it will also give you a feeling of satisfaction as the end product will be quite safe to use and carry. Once you build your firearm, make sure you go through all the firearm laws. Your duty as a responsible citizen is to be aware of all the local, federal, and state laws regarding firearms for your safety and those around you.