Common Accident and Injury Cases of a Maritime Attorney

Common Accident and Injury Cases of a Maritime Attorney

Working at sea is a thrilling career option for many. It also pays well, making the appeal even greater. But what many people don’t realize is that maritime occupations come with great risks.

Did you know commercial fishing has a fatality rate 23 times higher than other jobs?

With injuries and accidents, there are many legal questions. Curious about what a maritime injury attorney sees the most? Keep reading below!

1. Equipment Accidents

The maritime industry often uses large pieces of equipment. As such, there is a high risk of injury when using them or working around them.

Equipment like cranes and forklifts pose safety threats when used carelessly. Miscommunication between workers and machinery operators is also a common catalyst for injury.

It is also important for these items to be well-maintained. If regular maintenance is skipped, machinery can breakdown unexpectedly and cause injury to workers.

2. Slips and Falls

Anyone who has worked on a ship knows that they are slippy! Additionally, the decks and other areas can be uneven and/or full of items that can cause a trip and a slip.

While typically a slip and/or fall results in minor or no injuries, due to all the hard surfaces, maritime attorneys often see worse.

Anything from concussions to broken bones is possible.

3. Falling Overboard

Falling overboard can be deadly. Great care must be taken because when seamen fall overboard, sometimes they simply aren’t found. This is especially true if there are choppy seas or a hypothermia risk.

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You don’t have to be out at sea for a fall overboard to be serious. When docked in crowded ports, a fall between ships means can mean drowning or a crush injury.

4. Maritime Attorney Cases: Loss of Limbs

Losing a limb is an unfortunate possibility when working a maritime job. It can happen due to defective machinery, accidental collisions, or lack of safety precautions.

Sometimes those who suffer a loss of limb are unable to return to work. A skilled attorney can help navigate the aftermath and ensure you receive help for any emotional trauma.

You can learn more about maritime law here.

5. Injuries from Inadequate Training

Finally, inadequate training can lead to injuries that an attorney will deal with. One example is if a worker is not trained on how to avoid repetitive use injuries, they will likely experience pain after a short time.

If a worker is not properly trained on how to react in emergencies, they may make the situation worse or panic. It’s important that every worker knows to remain calm and follow all protocols.

Know How to Handle These Situations

With appropriate training and communication, the industry can provide an exciting and rewarding career.

You now know some of the most common injuries a maritime attorney sees. You will be well prepared to work in the industry.

Looking for even more information? Check out this information about maritime safety standards, training, and resources!