The ABCs of CBD: The Top CBD Marketing Tips You Need

cbd marketing

The Cannabidiol or CBD oil market is projected to reach over $2420 million by 2024!

Ready to dive into a successful business sharing this natural drug’s amazing healing effects? Then it’s time to hash out an awesome marketing plan!

Check out these CBD marketing tips to set your sales in motion.

Find Your Tribe

What does CBD oil do? You already know the amazing benefits that CBD oil can offer your potential customers. Now you just have to reach them to let them know!

If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to marketing CBD oil, then you should start by narrowing down who your people are. In other words, research who your demographic or niche is.

CBD oil is growing in popularity, so you may find yourself with a lot of competition. That is unless you can find a group of untapped potential buyers. Figure out who you plan to sell to and shape your brand and messaging around what will appeal to them.

You can really hone in on the look and feel of your brand name, logo, and voice. If you can create a welcoming space for your niche, then you can achieve brand loyalty. They will remain devoted to your product as long as you continue to deliver in quality and authenticity.

Do the Research

You won’t be able to fully appeal or connect with your target audience unless you do some research and get to know them. You can do this by finding where they spend time online. What forums and social media groups or platforms do they hang out in?

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What do they discuss and what’s their personality like? Figure out who would be interested in your product. What is the age of the group who will purchase your product?

If you are selling to other companies or professionals, then LinkedIn might be a good resource. However, that might not work for a younger demographic or for customers purchasing for themselves.

Once you find your tribe, make yourself known in their community. This could be through all kinds of mediums including events, local causes, tv, radio, and online. Share your story as well as your product.

Digital Ads

If you haven’t heard, marketing CBD products on big social media streams is not allowed. You won’t be able to promote marijuana on sites like Google, Facebook or Instagram. Simply because they’ve banned it from their paid ads.

There are still other ways you can promote your products. You can market CBD products using Youtube. Influencers are a great support of CBD products. Basically, you can connect with popular YouTubers and have them make a video on your product for a review.

When they post their video, your product will be seen by potentially hundreds of thousands of viewers. You can reach out to influencers all over social media to have them try your product and promote it.

Twitter is another social media platform that is allowing CBD paid ads within certain guidelines. For one thing, you can’t make any claims that are outside FDA rules and regulations.

Start Your CBD Marketing Plan

CBD oil continues to be a killer product into today’s market. Your product’s niche is just waiting to meet you!

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Ready to get started on your CBD marketing plan? Have some tips of your own? Share your thoughts about CBD marketing in the comments below.