Avocado Nutrition Facts – All You Need to Know About the Superfood

avocado nutrition facts



Avocado is a nutrition-loaded fruit that comes with several health benefits. Many people add avocado to their diet but don’t know what makes them healthy. Here, we will give you a detailed idea about avocado nutrition facts so that you add them to your diet all the more.

Not many have this idea, but it’s a fruit. Avocados belong to Genus Persea of the Lauraceae family. Besides being an amazing culinary ingredient, avocado nutrition facts are truly amazing. The fruit remains very high in fiber content. Also, healthy omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and potassium are in abundance in the fruit. Each avocado contains 4 gm of proteins. This makes it the fruit to have the highest content of protein.

Here’s a shout out to people dealing with stress, presence of vitamin B in the fruit will help fight acute stress. Avocado is otherwise known as a superfood because it is high in nutritional value.

There are numerous unknown facts attached to this superfood. In this blog, we will throw light on its nutritional value. These facts might just make you intrigued. Henceforth, you might just be craving for this nutrition-dense superfood even more. The fruit comes a little costly, but the cost is totally justified.

Where can you find the avocado superfood?

While some avocados grow in Florida and California a majority of avocados come from Mexico. The conducive climate of these places is perfect for its growth. South Central Mexico gets year-round avocado growing climate. Some people believe that this superfood originated in Puebla, Mexico. The first bloom dates back to 10,000 B.C.

What was the fruit’s original name?

Other than amazing avocado nutrition facts, a lot remains unknown about the superfood. It was discovered only in the year 1969 and Hans Sloane named the fruit. Hans Sloane was an Irishman by birth. Prior to this, this magical fruit wasn’t called avocado. Hans Sloane dubbed avocado trees as “alligator pear-tree”. He did all of this while testing the fruit in a Jamaican Plant.

Spanish Explorers – the huge fans of this miraculous fruit

The conquistadors arrived in Mexico way back. Their glorious expedition goes back to the mid-16th century. One might not believe, but they thrived entirely on avocados. This wholesome fruit provided the required nutrition.

This Spanish conquest spread avocados to Central America. Also, they were the first among Europeans to consume and relish this stupendous superfood. These are some of the quick avocado nutrition facts and we will unveil more throughout the length of this blog.


Whole avocado nutrition facts

The potassium and mineral content of the fruit remains high. These elements often keep our blood pressure in check. The superfood has lutein in abundance. Lutein is very good for your eyes. The folate content of avocado has excellent health benefits and is best for cell-repair. Also, it provides ample nutrition to pregnant women.

Vitamin B content of the fruit boosts immunity. It also keeps infections at bay. The naturally occurring plant chemicals prevent cancer. Aren’t the avocado nutrition facts absolutely startling?

1. Avocado – relatively new in the US!

Until the late 1950s avocados weren’t popular in the US. Americans have lately turned to this superfood. This makes it a relatively new discovery in the American land. If we go by popular trends, avocados are prevalent in the coastal areas.

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The Americans studied a lot about the fruit before introducing it into mainstream food culture. Now after studies and research, it’s evolving as a fantastic culinary-ingredient.

2. Calories and fat

Avocado fat is not really negligible. But, the best news is they aren’t mono-saturated fats. They actually lend support to our body mechanisms.  They contribute towards lowering the levels of unhealthy cholesterols. But, one important thing is, you must consume avocados in moderation. If you eat the superfood adequately you can make the best use of avocado nutrition. An ounce of avocado meets calorie needs as it contains 50-75 calories.

3. The best time to harvest the superfood

Avocados are a favorite farmer’s harvest. Although the fruit grows year-round, the best quality fruits can be found during spring-summer. But, as mentioned earlier you can procure them from super-markets all year round.

Growing avocados in the peak season will bring luscious fruits to your table. The typical growth season wraps up by mid-November.

4. The different varieties of avocado

The texture and taste of the superfood varies from region to region. The ones from Florida are totally different from the ones in Mexico. The avocados of Florida are much lower in fat content. They look firmer and have gorgeous texture. The ones found in the state of Mexico are Hass avocados. They serve the purpose of whipping and mashing.

They are a great smoothie ingredient, to say the least. These avocado nutrition facts are slowly spreading and helping mankind a great deal.

5. Effect on cholesterol levels

We are the most superior beings on earth. Humans are always on a mission to improve our health quotient. In this context, it would be great to know that avocado benefits are in multitude. Folding avocados into the dietary regimen can improve our cholesterol levels. So, this helps people dealing with obesity. Bad cholesterol induces fats in our bodies and makes us overweight. Eat avocados more frequently to keep most problems at bay.

6. How avocados are superior to bananas

The potassium content of avocados is higher than that of bananas. The content is actually more than double. Include moderate portions of avocado slices in your diet to be in great health. Wondering how you were unaware of its benefits? All the avocado nutrition facts add to that.

avocado and banana

7. Substitute avocado for butter

In a vegan’s diet, normal dairy is an absolute no-no. Here is where avocados come to use. All vegan bakers may use luscious avocados to moisten their cupcakes, sponge-cakes or other bakes. The green hue that it imparts to various delicacies is simply unmatchable. It gives a more fresh touch to different food items. A finished dish looks more complete with slices of avocado. This could be a very creative substitute for unhealthy butter.

8. Great for vision

There’s an element called xeaxanthin in avocados. These are photo chemicals found in tissues of eyes. They provide our eyes with the required amount of antioxidant protection. These minimize damage to eye tissues. They act as a great shield against corroding ultra-violet rays.

9. Looking ageless

Yes, avocados can really add years to life. They even help us look younger. Fat-soluble antioxidants and beta-carotene are of great help to mankind. Add avocados to your dietary regimen whenever possible. They reduce any possible risks of muscle degeneration. Also, avocados combat any risks of the development of age-related health hazards.

10. Maintaining heart health

Amongst the most stupendous avocado nutrition facts, this one is noteworthy. The nutrition per ounce of this green and luscious fruit protects our heart because it contains plant sterols. Continual consumption of plant sterol acts as a shield against heart diseases.

11. Prevention of osteoporosis

The Vitamin K content of avocados remains high. People often ignore its benefits, but it’s great for the maintenance of bone health.

Vitamin K is as beneficial as calcium. They never let our bones to become fragile. Fragile bones are a common issue in old age. They give way to fracture-related problems. A diet with a good supply of vitamin K can aid better calcium absorption. This, in turn, makes our bones strong.

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eating avocado

12. Healthy babies

The folate content of avocado is great for soon-to-be mothers. Adequate intake of folate would reduce any chances of a bad miscarriage.

Avocado is also great for nursing mothers. It is that period when a mother needs ample nutrition. An ounce of avocado in a nursing mother’s diet can help her regain proper health.

13. Helps people dealing with depression

Avocado is a superfood with high folate content. Folate helps people dealing hard with their depressive episodes. This is because it prevents the build-up of an element called homocysteine. This homocysteine impairs circulation and nutrient delivery to our brains.

It is very important to remember that excessive homocysteine interferes in the production of serotonin. This serotonin regulates sleep, appetite, and also moods swings.

14. In improved digestion

Never be fooled by the creamy texture of avocado. It is in fact very high in fiber. And, the importance of fiber-rich foods cannot be ignored. Natural fiber prevents constipation, an ailment that is unwanted and uninvited.

Also, avocado keeps our digestive tract in proper shape. There is one more startling benefit of avocado. It reduces risks of the very dangerous and fatal colon cancer.

15. In natural detoxification

The fiber content of avocados eases out the bowel movement. It helps in excreting out toxic substances through bile or stool.

As per research, avocado lifts immunity. Also, it helps people having a hard time with inflammation. Avocado relieves inflammation naturally in one go.

16. In treating arthritis

Avocado contains saponin which lends relief in knee arthritis. If consumed in moderate proportions, one can find immense relief dealing with knee ailments.

It is needless to mention that old age comes with ailments. It is that age when people want to rest and relief. Knee arthritis gives old people sleepless nights. The saponin content of avocados comes with relief symptoms. This could be a big shout out to old people having the hardest of times in their lives.

17. Protection against chronic diseases

According to the researches performed at Kentucky University, high fiber intake lowers the risks of coronary heart diseases. Avocado also aids hypertension, strokes, diabetes and gastrointestinal issues.

An ounce of avocado in the diet regimen can keep gut problems away. Avocado improves insulin sensitivity. For those who did not know this, be quick to incorporate them in the diet. This could save you from hundreds of health hazards.

Eating avocados right!

A question that keeps us hammering is – how to eat avocado right? Apart from being healthy, avocado is awesomely tasteful. Avocado salads with chia seeds could make for a satiating breakfast option. You only need to slice avocados, add chia seeds to the platter and relish. The only suggestion could be to add some salt and pepper for basic seasoning. This could very well enhance the taste of your very first-morning meal.

eating avocados

Having guacamole could be a great idea!

Not many people have heard about this secret recipe. So, the very first step is to take the big seed out. What remains is the creamy green avocado flesh. One needs to scoop out the fleshy portion carefully. Now, it is time to mash the green flesh nicely. Add sliced onions and chopped tomatoes to the mix. Add a dash of spices. Do the proper seasoning and you are ready to gorge on delicious guacamole. Not very complicated right? Eat this and you can thank us sometime later.

Avocado smoothie

Nothing can be healthier than some fresh avocado smoothie. Add the fresh pulp to the mixer jar. Now, add some green spinach leaves as well. Get some generous amount of honey into the mixture, and finally, add a dash of lime. Blend well and gulp down some nutritious avocado smoothie.

The secret to ripe luscious avocados

You might just feel the need to quickly ripen avocados. It’s possible that you might not be acquainted with the trick. Here it is!

Place avocados in a paper bag. Now place a banana or two at the bottom. Bananas release a chemical called ethylene gas. It lends support to fruit ripening. So, now the unknown secret is pretty revealed.

Preventing avocados from browning

Avocados start to brown too soon. This happens when the fleshy part comes in contact with air. Now the fruit starts to become stiff and loses the creamy texture.

Luckily, all of this can be prevented. Dunk avocados in boiling water. You need to do this for half a minute. Then quickly transfer avocados to ice-cold water. This process kills pesky enzymes and your fruit does not turn brown.

Final thoughts

Avocado nutrition facts are now out in the open. Make good use of this superfood and gorge on tasteful recipes. They might even impress your friends and family. Go ahead and give avocados a good try. Now that you’re well-equipped with this nutrition loaded wonder, spread the word fast. This miracle fruit will never disappoint you for certain!