7 Money Saving Ideas For Businesses In The UK

7 Money Saving Ideas For Businesses In The UK

While it can take a long time to overturn a profit in a new business, it would be nice if you could speed up this process. Money is the lifeblood of any company, and the more you have, the more you can expand into new territories. Unfortunately, it has become too easy for modern businesses to waste money. Only by encountering a period of slow income can you evaluate the best ways to save money.

You will be surprised by how much you spend on things your company can do without. As such, you should read on to find out how your company can start saving some extra income. You may also notice some other benefits along the way, too.

Avoid Travel

Getting from one side of the country to the other can be a hassle for anyone at work. Let’s also not forget how expensive it can be to hop on a plane or train to get to an important meeting. It isn’t much better going by car with today’s fuel prices. Therefore, you should try to cut out as much travel in your day as possible.

There was a time when it was essential to meet up with shareholders and new potential clients in person. However, times change. Technology has successfully progressed to a point where we can video call anyone overseas or over a long distance without any connectivity issues. You have the tools now, so make sure that you and your employees are using them. Instead of paying for travel, you will save so much money by using video conferencing technology. Also, having this technology in place now can help future-proof you against any new developments. 

Shared Mobility

On a similar note, your employees can always benefit from being provided with a company car. Sadly, the costs associated with these vehicles will always fall on your shoulders. While you shouldn’t remove company vehicles from your employees, there is a way to use them and save yourself some extra money.

The answer lies in shared mobility. The shared mobility scheme in the UK aims to cut carbon emissions by suggesting that employees share a company car with team members. All it takes is looking at your staff list and finding employees that live close together or who share similar duties and having them share a company car. Not only will having fewer company cars in play at once save you some money, but it will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Alternatively, businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint can swap to electric vehicles instead. What’s more, you can use advice at LV ElectriX to learn more about these types of cars. With the way the motor industry is heading, it may also be a good idea to get on board with electric cars sooner rather than later.

Going Paperless

It is quite rare for any modern business to be inundated with a flood of paper documents anymore. Digital technology has progressed at such a rate that everyone shares information using screens nowadays instead.

However, some companies still receive bills and store data using paper. If you want to save yourself some money on printing costs and continue to reduce your carbon footprint, then it is a good move to go paperless throughout your entire business.

Brush Up On Cybersecurity

Introducing a whole new set of procedures and learning about them can seem like an expensive endeavour on the surface. However, it is more costly for a company in the UK to become the victim of a cyberattack.

Cybercrime has advanced to the point where hackers can easily breach your software systems to steal your financial data outright or hold it for ransom. In either scenario, a cyberattack could end up costing your business a lot of money. That is why brushing up on cybersecurity issues now could end up saving you money in the future. It also helps you keep your employee’s data safe, something that can only work out positively.

Invest In Employees From The Ground Up

The quickest and easiest way to hire the right candidate for a job vacancy is to match up their current skills and experience to the role they need to fill. While this approach will find you someone that is right for the open position, it could end up costing you money in the future.

There is a chance that n employee will look elsewhere when it is time to progress in their career, especially if you haven’t invested in them. What’s worse is that you will always have more senior positions to fill. It can be incredibly expensive to train a new staff member or bring in a new candidate from outside the company to fill the senior role. Instead, you can have your cake and eat it too by investing in your employees from the ground up. Try to hire people who can fill the open position but also have the potential for growth. This way, you can train your employees to take on bigger roles when the time comes, saving you money on a costly hiring process and training external candidates. Investing in your employees in this way is also a great way to build up some company loyalty too.

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Negotiate With Long-term Suppliers

Any business will need to set up contracts with a supplier. After a while, you will become familiar with certain types of suppliers, and you can use this to your advantage.

Suppliers are businesses too. Therefore, it is important to them to keep you on as a client. As a result, you can use this need to negotiate a better price for their services. Staying loyal to this type of supplier might get you a better price on your contract and can also prevent a competitor from using one of the best suppliers in your business.

Review Marketing Strategy

There is no law in business that states that a marketing strategy that costs less than another is any less effective. It may just be that it is tailored to a specific audience. 

Any business that is looking at trying to save money has been around long enough to understand who its target audience is. Therefore, you should know exactly where to find them. TV ads and printed media may have been vital in getting your name out there to clients in the beginning, but these marketing tools can be quite expensive. As such, your business may benefit from a review of your marketing materials to give you a more realistic marketing budget. You can then use this money to invest in more effective marketing strategies- like SEO or social media campaigns, depending on the age of your target demographic. That way, you are less likely to waste money on the marketing you already have that isn’t working.


It is perfectly natural for any business to struggle through a time when cash flow is tight. The changes that happen to the economy affect everyone at some point, after all. It doesn’t matter, though. There are plenty of ways to cut costs and save money in business, no matter how tight things get.