6 Tips to Create Amazing Vlogs with Your Smartphone

6 Tips to Create Amazing Vlogs with Your Smartphone

With booming social media, vlogging has become an incredibly popular form of content creation, allowing people to share their lives, travel experiences, skills, and insights. 

Thanks to the continuous advancements in smartphone photography technology, even ordinary individuals can effortlessly create stunning vlogs using their smartphones. In this article, I will share 6 tips to help you create captivating vlogs using your smartphone.

  1. Carefully Plan Your Script

Although the charm of vlogs lies in their natural and authentic nature, preparing a script in advance is also crucial.

A well-thought-out script can help you organize your thoughts, ensure clear expression in your vlog, and avoid missing key information. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to read every detail from the script, but rather, have an outline that includes your content arrangement, topics you want to discuss, and your perspectives. This way, you can start a vlog in an organized manner, making your vlog more coherent and clear.

  1. Choose the Right Equipment

While using a smartphone to vlog, selecting the appropriate equipment is necessary. A good smartphone and some essential accessories can greatly enhance the quality of your vlogs.

Firstly, ensure that you’re using a smartphone with excellent shooting capabilities. A good smartphone can provide more details and accurate color reproduction while shooting, making your shots clearer and more vivid.

Additionally, consider purchasing some smartphone photography accessories. Although most smartphones today come with built-in stabilization features, when you need to run or shoot scenes with larger movements, there can still be issues with shaking and instability. 

A smartphone stabilizer can help eliminate these problems and improve the quality of your vlog. Hohem iSteady M6 can meet your needs. It has upgraded to the all-new iSteady 7.0 stabilization system, delivering clearer and more stable video recording.

The built-in microphone on the smartphone is often limited in capturing and recording sound. Using an external microphone can significantly enhance the clarity and accuracy of sound. 

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External microphones typically have better noise filtering and sound capture capabilities, reducing interference from surrounding noise and better capturing your voice. This way, your audience can hear you more clearly.

A wide-angle lens can expand your shooting range, enhance your shooting quality, and broaden your creative possibilities. Hohem iSteady M6 is a powerful smartphone stabilizer equipped with a 3-axis design, supporting both the classic mode and ultra-wide-angle shooting mode. You don’t have to worry about restricted angles or incomplete framing, making ultra-wide-angle shooting effortless.

6 Tips to Create Amazing Vlogs with Your Smartphone

  1. Detailed Editing and Post-Processing

Editing is a crucial step in creating an attractive vlog. After recording your vlog, use video editing apps to cut and assemble it into a well-organized and clear story.

You can remove irrelevant clips and enhance the viewing experience by adding transition effects and text.

Also, you can use video filters and color correction to add visual effects that make your vlog more appealing. These tools help enhance the overall visual quality and make your vlog more captivating.

  1. Choose Appropriate BGM

BGM is an essential component in creating the mood and atmosphere of your vlog. When selecting background music, consider choosing music types and styles that align with your vlog content and emotional objectives. 

For example, if your vlog is about adventurous travel, you might choose rock or music that is more rhythmic. Conversely, if your vlog is about a family reunion, selecting happy and light music would be more suitable.

When selecting background music, it is also important to ensure that the chosen music does not infringe on copyright. Using unauthorized music can lead to legal issues and may result in your vlog being deleted or facing copyright disputes. 

Remember, the purpose of music is to enhance your vlog content and help the audience better understand your story, rather than distracting them. Choosing appropriate volume and music is necessary. 

  1. Proper Use of Lighting
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Lighting is a key factor for captivating visual effects. Proper use of lighting can make your vlog more vivid and professional.

If you are vlogging indoors, avoid strong backlighting or shadows. You can utilize natural light or lighting fixtures. Hohem iSteady M6 is equipped with a magnetic fill light AI tracker, which integrates dual fill lights of cold and warm tones, as well as RGB color lights. 

Unlike other fill lights on smartphone stabilizers, Hohem’s fill light can not only adjust brightness and color temperature but also has ambient lights with the option of freely switching between RGB colors. This provides vloggers with more lighting effects without the need for filters.

If you are shooting outdoors, pay attention to selecting the appropriate time and location to avoid issues such as overexposure or heavy shadows.

By using appropriate lighting techniques, you can enhance the visual quality of your vlog and create a more engaging viewing experience for your audience.

  1. Just Be Yourself

The most important thing is to be yourself! Vlogging is an opportunity to showcase yourself, so it’s important to stay genuine and sincere.

Don’t try to imitate others or cater to the expectations of your audience. Find your own style and way, and strive to showcase your authentic self. Audiences prefer real people and real stories, so don’t be afraid to show your personality and uniqueness.

Creating amazing vlogs with your smartphone is not as tricky as you’ve imagined. Most importantly, enjoy the process and share your passion and stories. 

Additionally, a good vlog requires continuous practice and improvement. It’s essential to explore new ideas and techniques while combining them with your unique perspective and style.

Believe in yourself to create fantastic vlogs. Share your stories and experiences with more people. You will definitely enjoy your journey of vlogging!