5 Essential Features to Look for in a Food Truck POS System

Food Truck

There are several good reasons why starting a food truck business is quite popular in the UAE today. For one, food trucks require a low initial outlay and come with minimal operating costs. Because of this, owners will have more money to use for getting high-quality ingredients which will help them churn out better, tastier culinary creations.

Owners can also use the money they will save on their initial investment and operational costs to improve their service. When a food truck is known for getting all orders right and serving them in a timely manner, they will acquire a great reputation. This will help the business enjoy higher sales and profits.

Using the extra money to invest in a top-notch food truck POS system is one of the best ways owners can enhance and maintain excellent service. It is packed with features that will help

even those without any experience in the culinary scene run a restaurant on wheels efficiently.

Getting the Right Food Truck POS System

If you are planning to get a food truck POS system, make sure the one you invest in has these key features:

1.     Online and offline accessibility

Whether your food truck is in a fixed spot or you drive it around the city, you should be able to use your POS software. This should be possible even if you are not connected to the Internet.

A POS system that supports operations even when there is slow or no connection will ensure the business continues as usual. You will be able to take orders, accept payments, and release receipts even if you are offline. This means you won’t lose any sales any time, day or night.

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Once you have an Internet connection, your system will be automatically updated. New data will be stored which you can access anytime.

2.     Efficient order management

The best food truck POS system syncs orders across all connected devices in real-time. Because of this, everyone is up-to-date regarding customer orders and the sequence in which they must be served.

A system that allows orders to be changed from any device and automatically shows up on the other devices will also streamline operations in the kitchen. It will prevent food wastage as well.

Lastly, a POS system that will let you process several orders simultaneously will ensure you are always operating efficiently without fear of losing any business and disappointing customers. This is another great feature you should look for, too.

3.     Payment flexibility

Accepting only cash is a surefire way of losing a lot of sales. As such, make sure you choose a system that can process multiple payments.

Aside from credit cards, check if the POS accepts mobile payments. Many consumers, especially the younger ones, prefer this kind of transaction. You can appeal to them by having this capability.

Additionally, find out if the software will allow you to split or combine checks easily, let diners pay with multiple tenders, and give customers with digital receipts. With these additional features, you won’t have to spend more time completing tricky transactions.

4.     Ease of customization

In the past, changing the menu and adjusting prices often took a lot of time and additional investment. This is something that you can get away from once you have a POS system. With this software, you can make menu changes and price adjustments quickly and effortlessly.

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Another feature worth looking into is the ease of offering discounts and promotions. When you can incorporate this in your menu and get the word out immediately, you will improve sales significantly.

In case you want to start a reward or loyalty program, the right software will allow you to implement this easily as well.

5.     Access to crucial real-time data

Lastly, with a POS system, you can monitor and get insights about daily sales. This will help you manage the financial side of the business more effectively.

Additionally, by simply using your device, you can manage your supplies efficiently. With this capability, you will never have to worry about stocks running out or taking on the exhausting task of doing a manual inventory.

If you want to track your employees’ performance, look for a system that comes with worker management features as well.

With the UAE enjoying a boom in the food scene, starting a food truck or restaurant business here can be a smart decision. Ensure your venture’s growth and success by investing in and using a reliable POS system.


Ahmad Alzaini is the co-founder and CEO of Foodics, a fast-growing foodtech startup. A businessman by nature, Alzaini is an app aficionado, developing businesses in Saudi Arabia within several industries. Today, Foodics has extended to new markets across the MENA region, processing over 1 billion transactions, and offering the latest technology in POS and restaurant management.