5 Employee-Approved Ways to Show Your Staff You Appreciate Them


Are you making sure your employees feel appreciated?

Employees work their best when they feel like their contribution matters. And who could blame them? But knowing the best and fairest way to show your appreciation can be a difficult task.

But it doesn’t have to be! Keep reading for these top 5 ways to show appreciation to employees for a much-needed morale boost.

1. Find Out What Your Employees Enjoy

An easy way for showing appreciation to employees is to treat them like people and get to know them. Ask after their family, their weekend, or that special event they went to.

Find out what hobbies they like, you might share a mutual interest. Showing a genuine interest makes people feel cared for and valued. It also gives them a sense of belonging.

2. Give Out Praise Where It’s Due

Everyone likes to know when their hard work and dedication have paid off. Praising someone for a good job could be the best way to show appreciation to your employees. Make sure the praise is sincere and take the time to explain why they did a good job.

This has another effect of emphasizing an action that you want others to do in the future. This helps provide clear direction and helps employees know what you’re looking for.

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3. Provide Them With a Voice & Choices

You can’t rely on a game and reward system alone to show appreciation. The importance of showing appreciation to employees goes deeper than that. It has to be a part of office culture.

One way to do this is to give them a voice and choices. Do staff choose what tasks they work on or are they assigned all the time? Are you listening to concerns and ideas and taking action on them?

Genuine appreciation is a foundation you want to build off. If an employee feels like part of something more, they’ll work harder and be loyal to the business for years to come.

4. Reward the Time Given

When it comes to how to show appreciation to employees don’t forget the overachievers. Sometimes, employees will go above and beyond to get a task done. They might work late, give up time at home or even sacrifice sleep to meet tight deadlines.

Make sure you’re rewarding these instances by giving them time back. Give them an extra afternoon off once the deadline is over, for example. It will show them you appreciate the dedication and effort they go to, and you value their time.

5. Company Swag Stores

One of the most fun ways to show appreciation to employees is to have a swag store. It could be a trendy T-shirt or a cap to keep the sun at bay, but people love showing off the team they’re on.

Think about the love for sports swag. It’s the same for business swag too when employees feel part of something. They’ll want to show pride in the place that they work and feel valued at. You can find more about swag stores here at:

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How to Show Appreciation to Employees: Add Value

When you show appreciation to employees it needs to add value to them and feel genuine. You want to build a culture of respect, where employees feel valued, listened to, and part of something big.

Once you do that, you’ll see a huge boost in morale and productivity. Give employees a voice and reward their efforts; the results won’t disappoint you.

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