13 great benefits of playing table tennis you need to know

Nowadays, more and more individuals are paying attention to practicing sports on a regular basis in order to enhance their health, particularly in sports that are part of the competition format at international sports conferences. Table tennis is the most popular sport among them since it provides numerous health and mental benefits, among other things. Ku bet will share some of the most basic benefits of this sport in this article. Read below to discover!

#01 – Reduce mortality rate by up to 50%

Scientists have presented data demonstrating that regular exercise reduces the risk of dying. Cycling, for example, reduces the chance of death by 15%. “We were able to find specific differences between those who exercised by cycling and those who did not,” stated Foster.

Furthermore, researchers believe that swimming reduces the chance of death by roughly 28%, but racquet sports such as badminton, table tennis,… and aerobic workouts or dancing cut the risk of death by up to 47%.

#02 – Create positive energy

Table tennis is considered an effective total-body workout that uses more energy than cycling.


Playing table tennis will assist you in generating positive energy. If you play in the morning, you will have the energy to work all day without tiring, and if you play in the evening, you will feel rejuvenated and less exhausted after a day of work.

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#03 – Helps bones become stronger

Table tennis improves bone density and lowers the risk of osteoporosis. Playing table tennis can help elderly adults with osteoporosis lessen brittleness and bone loss caused by aging. However, you must select workouts that are appropriate for your level of fitness.

Helps bones become stronger

#04 – Effective weight loss

When you exercise, the muscles in your legs, arms, waist, and belly are continually rotating, sweating profusely, and forceful blows demand more work, spending a substantial quantity of body calories, so assisting you in losing fat and firming your muscles.

#05 – Good for the cardiovascular system

Furthermore, table tennis is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. The fundamental component of whole-body movement of arms and legs, as well as techniques of bending, tilting, turning…, provides complete movement for muscles, boosting circulation in the body, enhancing blood circulation, and respiratory system function.


Table tennis, according to data, has a significant impact on the player’s heart rate, which is approximately 75-85 times per minute higher than that of a normal person. This demonstrates that participating in athletics helps the heart move better and get stronger.

#06 – Good support for the brain

According to scientists, when playing table tennis, you must have flexible reflexes and your brain must work hard to strategize, memorize, and respond to fast-paced shots. You will be more nimble and flexible as a result, and the benefits of table tennis for the brain are comparable to chess.

#07 – Helps train eyes

Playing table tennis will help you train your eyes since, during a match, both sides must examine the opponent’s moves and the course of the ball, thus your eyes must observe items at a rapid pace, which will benefit your eyes. The universe is continually expanding and decreasing.

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Helps train eyes

It then enhances blood circulation in the eyes, improves muscular function, and aids in the training of the eyes to see more clearly.

#08 – Quick reflexes

With balls hit quickly by opponents, you must have high reflexes to catch the ball if you don’t want to lose. Therefore, for those who are interested in playing table tennis, the sensitivity of their reflexes will increase quickly with regular practice, helping you react faster at work and other outside activities.

#09 – Reduce disease

Sports in general, and table tennis in particular, boost players’ health. As a result, if you practice and play table tennis on a regular basis, you will have good health and a strong resistance to diseases.

#10 – Minimize the risk of injury

Daily exercise will assist to strengthen muscles, protect joints, improve balance, and maintain long-term flexibility. As a result, playing table tennis will make you less prone to fall and break bones as you age.

Minimize the risk of injury

#11 – Low risk of injury

In table tennis, the player uses a racket to smash the ball for the opponent on the opposite side; there is no competition between two individuals, as in some other ball sports, and no heavy equipment is used, therefore there is less risk of damage. 

#12 – People who play table tennis are less likely to suffer from depression

Table tennis is supposed to be a sport that aids in the elimination of negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, and so on. This is a top sport in terms of developing optimistic and healthy personalities in people.

#13 – Increase your ability to connect with people around you

Table tennis is a sport that is highly competitive whether you play professionally or not. Whether you’re playing doubles, singles, or just for fun, you’ll enjoy laughs, excitement, and relaxation in between the back and forth phases. This provides you many new relationships, bringing together friends and colleagues.


The following is a list of the top 13 advantages of playing table tennis. Join your friends, family, and relatives in playing and practicing this sport on a regular basis to improve your health. To discover more, visit Kubet right now!