12 Best Phone Answering Services for Businesses

 Proper communication with your customer is one of the most valued parts of the business. This helps you in attracting new customers while also maintaining your regular customers. If you want to succeed in your business, you must have the goodwill of your current and future customers. This goodwill of your company will form if you provide the best product and customer satisfaction.

Proper communication helps you answer and provide appropriate information to your customers. Unfortunately, not all businesses can provide good answering services. This is due to them being busy with various other activities required for their business.

Call Center Services to Streamline Your Business Operations 

Nowadays various small businesses can help you communicate with your customer on your behalf. This saves you time and money to create a department to take care of customer communication. They essentially help you answer all customer calls to your businesses.  They also help you streamline your business operations with various services such as:

Phone Answering Services: It helps your business communicate with your customers on the behalf of your business. They provide appropriate answers and information to your customer’s queries. They also provide features like:

o   IVR Greeting Services

o   Call Distribution Services

o   Call Recording Services

o   Call Analytic Services

Inbound Call Center Services: Agents streamline your business operations receives incoming calls from your customers. They answer all their queries. They also provide features like:

o   Engaging Call Scripts

o   Contact Database

o   Recorded Interactions

o   Real-time Reports

Top 12 Answering Services for Your Business

Specialty Answering Service (SAS): This answering service provides outbound and inbound services. It has extensive features. It has trained agents. They know how to handle sensitive information. They provide 24/7 call answering services. They also provide you with bilingual receptionists who can speak both English and Spanish.

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Answer Connect: This system provides you with receptionists. They are professional and friendly to customers. They provide 24/7 call answering services with live chat support and more. The mobile app also helps organize client communications.

MAP Communications: They provide bilingual receptionists. They can answer in English or Spanish. They also provide High-class CRM tools for large businesses. They provide 24/7 call services to your customers. They provide you with a 7-day free trial and an affordable price plan.

Ring Central: They provide call services across 56 countries. They help you communicate with your customers using instant messages, calls, or video conferences. They also help route your calls to your experts. They provide outbound dialing capabilities and campaign management.

Voice Nation: This calling service provides 24/7 services. They also help make scripts for how your calls should be answered. They also provide a dedicated account manager to help set up your account.

Vonage: They provide customizable IVR. They make sure to answer all your calls regardless of time. They have AI-based virtual assistants and automatic call-routing features. This helps answer calls even if no agents are available.

Grasshopper: This answering service is designed for small ongoing businesses. Grasshopper records and transcript audio recordings of the voice mail and sends them to you. You need to memorize all the extensions to transfer calls.

Davinci: They provides features like live answering services, real spaces for meeting and provides you with a virtual business address. They help you to run your business from home. They provide bilingual receptionists to answer your customer’s calls. They also help you book real spaces for meetings and conferences on a per-hour basis.

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Abby Connect: This call-answering service provides you with a dedicated team. They help you answer your customer’s calls 24/7. They also guarantee you an increased return on your investment on them. They provide efficient and bilingual receptionists. They provide a 14-day free trial and have a comprehensive price plan.

Ooma: Ooma combines cloud-based services with on-premises hardware. It is also a portable answering service. It also supports traditional phone and fax services. This needs a continuous internet connection. They provide features like Video conferencing, low international calling rate, HD calling, free local phone numbers and a free Toll number. They provide you with a desktop and mobile application to facilitate efficient communication with your team and customers.  

PATLive: They provide friendly call answering services 24/7. They have a mobile application to keep you updated. They can also schedule your appointment with your customers. They provide a free trial of 14 days and a comprehensive price plan.

Ruby Receptionist: They provide a dedicated team to help you increase your customers. They also provide 24/7 services so you don’t miss a single customer call. Ruby’s mobile application also helps you take messages, voicemails and calls via virtual receptionists.

The Conclusion

Communication with your customers by answering their queries helps gain and maintain goodwill for your company. You can hire or outsource your phone answering to these virtual receptionists. When opting for an Answering service features like Call recording, Call Scripting or Data collecting and analyzing are important for your business.