WhoCallMe Review: To Find Out Who Called Me

An unknown number is still an unknown number, even if the owner of the number has good intentions. For instance, they could be that friend you haven’t heard from since college or that sponsor from a form you filled out online. The issue is that you don’t know how to decipher if the caller has good intentions. On the one hand, you don’t want to miss an important call; on the other, what if the caller is a scammer?

If you want to find out who is calling you from a phone number, WhoCallMe is the best place to do it. This article contains a comprehensive guide to finding who called you from this phone number using WhoCallMe.

An Overview of WhoCallMe

Before we get into the guide fully, let’s discover what WhoCallMe is about and not about. WhoCallMe is a call platform and reverse phone lookup service offering free and affordable public information access. It has a huge database of information, which it updates regularly to ensure it provides accurate and reliable results. Thanks to its extensive database, you can get different kinds of information from a phone search on WhoCallMe.

If you’ve ever asked the question “how can I find out who called me from this phone number?”  WhoCallMe is  the right platform for you. WhoCallMe can help you do this for free! However, note that the information you get should not be used to make critical decisions that require FCRA compliance. The sole purpose of this service is to help you decide what to do with that call. That is, should you ignore the call, pick it up, call them back (if you missed the call), or block the caller?

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Why Do I Need to Know Who Called Me From This Phone Number?

You could completely ignore the call if you want to, but what if it is essential? You could be ignoring your business sponsor’s call or your relative’s who is calling with important family updates. Considering the virtual wall of uncertainty surrounding the phone number, the best option is to find out who is calling. Here are some reasons why you should find out who called you from that phone number:

  • Running the phone number search will help you identify threats from fraudsters and cyber criminals and also block scammers;
  • The person calling might be someone you don’t want to miss – or someone you certainly should not miss. For instance, they could be an old acquaintance or a response call to the call-for-support form you filled out online;
  • A quick phone number search on WhoCallMe will help you avoid prank calls that could distract you from getting important work done. The goal is to help you know more about who called you from this phone number.

Guides to Find Out Who Called You From This Phone Number on WhoCallMe

Finding out who called you on WhoCallMe is straightforward, thanks to the website’s user-friendly interface. If you are hearing of this service for the first time, don’t worry; the search is easy – follow the steps below:

Step 1: Provide the Target Number

First, open your preferred browser and go to the official website of WhoCallMe. You will be taken to the homepage within seconds; at the top, you will see a search box. Input the phone number you want to trace into the search box at the “look up” section of the page. 

Step 2: Activate Search

Once you have provided the target phone number, ensure you have the correct digits. Then, click the search button to activate the search; it is located on the right side of the search box.

Step 3: Get Your Results

Once the search is activated, you only need to wait a few seconds to a couple of minutes for results. The search may bring more than one result; in this case, review all of them and choose the most appropriate.

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What Other Way Can You Find out Who Called You From This Phone Number on WhoCallMe?

Apart from the regular reverse phone lookup, you can also find out who called you using the caller’s area code. The caller’s area code is handy when finding out the identity of an unknown caller. On the WhoCallMe website, there is a list of area codes on the page of Phone Number Directory; look through the list to find the target number. When you do, select it and wait a few minutes; you will get detailed information about the owner of the strange number.

Pros and Cons of Using WhoCallMe to Find Out Who Called You

There are benefits and downsides to the reverse phone lookup services offered by WhoCallme, including:


  • Phone number searches on the website are free of charge, regardless of how many target numbers there are. Apart from being free, the WhoCallMe phone lookup services are accessible to everyone.
  • Its results and information are accurate and reliable as they are obtained from dependable public information sources.
  • The processing time is swift; you will get your search results and decide in minutes.
  • Your details and information are safe, and all your searches are 100% confidential, ensuring optimum privacy and security.
  • There are several ways of tracing and verifying unknown phone numbers on WhoCallme.


  • The WhoCallMe site does not offer private investigator services, nor does it provide consumer reports. That means you cannot use the information WhoCallMe provides to make decisions requiring FCRA compliance.


Can I Find out Phone Scams Using WhoCallMe?

Yes. When you do a reverse phone lookup on WhoCallMe, you will get specific details regarding the caller on your screen. If you can’t see any information or notice the number is spoofed, there’s a good chance the call is a scam. You can then report the call to the Federal Trade Commission or save it in the “Do Not Call Me” Registry.

What Kinds of Information Can You Get on WhoCallme?

WhoCallMe provides details about a caller, such as their full name, mutual friends and acquaintances, and residential and work addresses. You can also get the caller’s social media handles, email addresses, and available alternative numbers.


The reverse phone lookup process on the site is seamless, and you will get your answer within minutes. More so, the call platform offers more than one way to search for the identity of an unknown caller. So, stop wondering who owns the unknown number calling you and look them up on WhoCallMe already. Click here to learn more.