Who can you ask for Help in Registering Your Company?

Registering Your Company

Out of all the places in which you are considering doing business, Australia should be on the top of your list. There are many reasons why the Land Down Under can bring your business up and beyond. Australia rose from the 18th spot to the 14th in the 2019 rankings of the World Bank for ease of doing business. When it comes to location, Australia has a strategic spot in the Asia-Pacific region. It has easy trade access nearby developed and developing nations, such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

The Australian government has also proven itself to be a stable democratic parliamentary that favours the growth of businesses. It ranks in the top five on the Index of Economic Freedom. The people and culture are other large factors. The population of the country continues to grow, and with this rise in number comes the rise of a skilled and educated workforce. Studies expect employment in 16 of 19 industries in Australia to rise in the next five years.

Local and foreign alike are aware of the benefits of doing business in the country. These eager entrepreneurs are gagging to register a company in Australia. The only speed bump to their potential success is how to do it. Some governments can give entrepreneurs a hassle when it comes to registering their company. Luckily, Australia is not one of them.

How It Works

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission or ASIC is the main government body responsible for regulating registered companies in the country. If you want to register a company in Australia, you have to get through them. Fortunately, they are not some brick wall that impedes your path. Rather, they are there to guide you with the legal and administrative process. Unfortunately, though, the ASIC is not immune to the government bureaucracies. Some entrepreneurs are lucky and can register their company within minutes. Some may take a little more time.

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How Others Can Help

There is no way to get around the ASIC. Whether you are one of the unlucky ones who struggle to register a company in Australia or a newbie entrepreneur that is still learning the ropes, there is no shame in asking for some help. Some realized how daunting it could be to start a business, so they set up theirs to help others. The goal of these angels from above is simple: To help you start your company. These companies take the often-complicated government processes with lots of paperwork and heavy jargon and streamline these requirements so you can fulfil them more conveniently.

You provide these other companies with the details of yours, like the company name, address, contact details etc. These companies will even check if your company name is available. Now that is service! Besides the details of the company itself, you will also need to provide those of key people such as the directors and shareholders. How these other companies act is like a middleman. They relay the information to government bodies such as the ASIC. At the end of the day or rather 10 to 15 minutes, you would be less confused, filled out less forms, and would have a registered company.

Having a company is a challenge. Just conceptualizing and starting one can be a struggle. Once you have it up and running, the next challenge is to make it official by registering. You probably started your company with the help of others, so there is no shame in getting the help from a few more to register it.