Profit From Your Music: How to Grow Your Streams on Spotify?

More streams, more followers, more profits – it’s all interconnected. So, to get money rolling into your bank, you must first increase the number of music streams on your Spotify.

But how do you do that? Your best bet is a good Spotify growth service. But if you don’t have the budget or the patience to trust another growth agency, well, hang on and give this article a read.

We’ll discuss three things that can grow your streams on Spotify from zero to hundreds (and even thousands!). So, let’s get started!

1.  Get Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is an important tool that gives you access to in-depth analytics and stats. It also lets you customize your profile and showcase your music in the best light possible. What’s even better, the tool is completely free!

You just have to claim your artist profile by signing up at Once you have filled in the required information, Spotify will review it and assign you a blue tick. This will be a huge step in verifying your authenticity.

Anyone who comes across your music would know you are the real person behind the songs. It will encourage them to follow and interact. Moreover, Spotify for Artists will allow you to run promotional campaigns that can increase your exposure and music streams.


2.  Yassify Your Spotify Profile

The appearance of your Spotify profile matters a lot. If it doesn’t sync with the music, people won’t engage and interact in any way. Imagine the situation from the perspective of a typical Gen Z person. You have found an amazing song on Spotify. It’s completely new and perfect, but the artist’s profile looks kind of sketchy. Will you share it with your friends? Probably not because then, they will judge you on how uncool your taste is!

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So, upgrade the looks of your profile by adding a high-quality picture and an interesting bio. Add the links to your social media accounts so that your followers can see the other not-so-professional side of you and connect with you on a deeper level.

Also, use the Artist’s Pick section to feature your best songs to grow your streams!


3.  Experiment With Playlists

The Playlist is not just a way to organize your songs chronologically. It’s an organic growth tool that attracts more listeners and increases your exposure. But it really depends on how well you use it.

Here are three tried-and-tested ways to grow your streams with playlists:

    Submit Your Song to Spotify In-House Curators

Spotify for Artists gives you another huge advantage. You can send your unreleased track to be featured on some of the best-trending playlists. However, you should submit the application at least seven days before the release date. 

    Create a Mix-and-Match Playlist

Most artists make the mistake of creating playlists of their own songs only. While you should do that, you should also create mix-and-match playlists. These should consist of 70% of popular songs and 30% of your songs. 

So, the popular tracks are the bait that will bring in new listeners. If they like the playlist, they will listen to all the songs – including your music! 

    Collab With Another Artist

Collaborations help introduce your music to the audience of other budding artists. So, if you know other artists with the same vision and music style as yours, create a playlist together and share it on social media. It’s a win-win situation for both!

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