How to Cope with English 101 Writing Assignments

How to Cope with English 101 Writing Assignments

English 101 course is something without what you can’t proceed with your studies, no matter which specialization you have chosen for your academic life and future career. English 101 is there to teach you how to write essays, how to work with the sources, how to write only original papers, look for references, proofread yourself, and not plagiarize. Sounds impressive, sounds very useful, but when it comes to actual writing most of the students feel like they are trapped because they are immediately supposed to do things they are just supposed to learn during this course. There are lots of jokes about this cruel irony, but we won’t waste your time on them now. Let’s get straight to business and learn more about how to cope with English 101 writing assignments on time.

Don’t Forget About Your Handbook and Professor’s Recommendations

Though it might seem otherwise, your handbook is your friend, and you need to learn how to use it to write English 101 essays, and to do it just the way your professor wants you to. Your professor’s recommendations are also very valuable, so don’t sleep when he or she gives some broad ideas on how to approach writing essays. Often it is even more useful to listen to such lectures than to learn some topic in particular because it’s such lecturers are related to how you approach all essays in this course.

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Allocate More Time for Reading’

You can’t learn how to write better if you don’t allocate more time for reading activities. We don’t mean that you should only read your handbook, your textbooks, or materials related to your essays. You should read more books and articles in general to receive better ideas and to learn from the best and the brightest how to write quality text without mistakes and technical admissions. Speaking about materials related to your essays, you also need to read them at least twice. Make notes, save references, use citation generators to create references which answer APA and MLA citation styles.

Be Strict to Yourself When Editing and Proofreading

It is not enough to just read your paper once more after you write it and then submit to your professor for editing. You have to be your own Professor, you have to be very strict to yourself when editing papers and it is not a joke. Use all available proofreaders online, preferably, buy a Pro account.  If you study with your friend, you are lucky because you can proofread each other. It is always easier to see mistakes in someone else’s work because it is new for you, your eye is fresh. When proofreading, make sure to read your papers aloud, this way, you will be able to find awkward phrases and two sentences. Remember, that one sentence should not be longer than one breath. If you need more than one breath to read a sentence, there should be a period somewhere in the middle.

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Look for Help Inside and Outside the Campus

You are just starting, and basically, you don’t know what to write and how to write. That is why it is not a shame to address professionals for help. You can’t look for some tutors in the Writing Center on campus, or you can buy English 101 paper online from SmartWritingService with a good team of professional assignment writers. You can also look for online tutors and form self-help group on campus, which will assist college students like you in terms of proofreading, sources sharing, and just motivation.

Be Careful with References and Online Sources

Online sources are tricky. You need to pick up your references very carefully in order not to spoil your paper. Don’t go for some blog entries, even if they sound practical, and related to your topic. Use Google Scholar search instead of a simple Google search and don’t forget about libraries when getting your English 101 papers ready. It won’t hurt to get to know with which online libraries your high school or college has contracts. You may be surprised how faster you will do research using online sources.