3 Ways Manufacturers Can Minimize Pollution

minimize pollution tips

With climate change now such a prominent issue in the global consciousness, a lot of attention is turning to industries like manufacturing and the role that they are playing. The public and moral pressure to reduce emissions and save the environment has never been greater. Below are three tips for any manufacturer that wants to start cleaning up their act and reducing the pollution they generate.

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Regular Energy Audits

Just as most households could save money on their energy bills if they considered switching their suppliers, many manufacturing businesses can significantly reduce their cost by switching energy suppliers. Not only could this change save a significant amount of money, but switching to a different energy supplier can enable manufacturing businesses to reduce the amount of pollution that they are responsible for.

In fact, depending on where your business is located, some manufacturers are in a position to reduce or eliminate their energy costs by generating some of their own. For businesses located in the sunnier parts of the United States, solar power is becoming an increasingly attractive means of powering, at least in part, industrial buildings.

Conduct an energy audit to establish exactly how much energy your business is using, and how much you are paying for it. You can also hire a third-party order to do this for you. Once you know how much energy you are using, you can then set yourself targets for reducing your use.

Monitor Your Surroundings

If you really want to know what kind of pollution your manufacturing operation is generating, then the local area will have a lot to tell you. Depending on exactly what you manufacture, the potential for dangerous gases and other compounds to leak into the atmosphere can be significant. For example, manufacturers who produce consumer electronics will handle myriad toxic substances over the course of a day. If any of these is mishandled or not disposed of properly, the environmental impacts can be catastrophic.

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If you are serious about reducing pollution, it is worth investing in some detection equipment. Analytical Technology provides gas monitors and water quality monitors that will enable you to monitor your manufacturing premises, as well as the surrounding area, for any pollutants or drop in water quality.

Count Your Waste And Then Reduce It

Reducing waste is one of those aspirations that every business seems to have, yet relatively few seem to follow through on. Before you can begin reducing the waste that your manufacturing operation produces, you need to establish exactly how much waste there is. Unless you know what level you will be reducing from, it will be nigh on impossible to devise a strategy.

Minimizing pollution isn’t just a worthwhile moral endeavor; it is also an approach that will pay off for your business financially. Not only will you save yourself money, but a more environmentally-friendly approach to business will also give you an easy win for your marketing. Start making changes to your manufacturing business today and you will be able to reap rewards before you know it.