How Can I Check My FMCSA Status? Your Complete Guide

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You filled out your FMCSA application, submitted it, and now you play the waiting game. It can feel like a lifetime passes before you receive a notice back stating whether you were approved or denied.

If you really can’t wait to receive an official notice about your application, it’s possible to check your FMCSA status online. Continue reading below to learn the steps to take, as well as how long you should expect to wait on a decision.

What Is the FMCSA?

“FMCSA” stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. They’re an agency of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) that regulated the trucking industry. Their primary function is to reduce any accidents, injuries, or deaths from accidents with buses or large trucks.

Anyone who operates a large vehicle must get approval from the FMCSA, although there are a few exceptions to this rule. Generally, however, if you’ll be driving a large truck or bus for commercial purposes, you’ll need to get approval first. You can learn more about the FMCSA here.

How Long Does the Approval Process Usually Take?

The approval process usually takes between 20 and 25 days from the time your application is received. But this number, of course, can vary significantly based on several considerations.

The way you apply for approval can affect processing time. Applying online ensures the fastest processing. However, if you mail in your application, you’ll have to wait additional days due to shipping.

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If there are any issues with your application, this can also extend processing time. Additional verification or steps are sometimes needed before an application is approved.

How Can You Check Your FMCSA Status?

If you feel like you’ve been waiting on an answer forever, it’s possible to check your status online. Checking your FMCSA status can be done online in six simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the SAFER website
  2. Find the bold heading and click on “FMCSA Searches”
  3. Click on the section that says “licensing and insurance”
  4. In the appropriate box, enter either your MC or DOT number and click search
  5. Click on “HTML”
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page you’ve navigated to and click on “Authority History”

In the authority history section, any approvals or denials from the FMCSA will be listed. Changes are generally applied between three and five days after a decision has been made. Changes are occasionally delayed but should take no longer than ten business days.

Do You Have More Questions About Checking Your FMCSA Status?

It can take quite some time to receive an official answer of approval or denial back from the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. If the wait seems too long for you, it’s possible to check your status online in six simple steps.

Do you have more questions about checking your FMCSA status?

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