Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Modern realities shift away from traditional offices where all team members are based in the same location but rather turn towards the paradigm where workers are distributed globally. This is not about various offices around the world but about freelance and remote professionals. Such a concept has a lot of benefits and advantages for companies.

There are many countries with a high concentration of qualified manpower, and one of those is the Philippines. This state boasts high-degree specialists with strong knowledge of English in design, social media experts, web developers, customer service agents, and many others. That is why you should consider recruiting virtual assistants in the Philippines and we guide you on how to do that.

Who Are Virtual Assistants?

While the notion of a virtual assistant is associated with a person who works for a company director or top manager for helping them with daily tasks. Even though there is a sort of truth, the virtual assistant concept has gone beyond its traditional understanding. So let’s have a look at who virtual assistants are and what they do.

A virtual assistant is a person possessing knowledge that allows performing jobs in the online environment and in the remote format. Those could be designers, web developers, real estate professionals, writers, and so on. They work on the basis of the official agreement with individual entrepreneurs or companies.

How to Recruit Virtual Assistants in the Philippines?

If you are looking to outstaff professionals for any reason, then consider the Philippines virtual assistant for your business. This would help to delegate tasks effectively, possibly reduce the costs for the workforce, and grow your business.

To start hiring remote experts that would power up your business and help you manage everything, visit the eVirtualAssistants platform. There you can create an account as a business owner and start hiring in minutes.

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Post a Job Description

The first step is to prepare a detailed job description for Glassdoor or other similar hiring platforms. It should preferably contain a detailed list of daily tasks and indicate the needed qualifications for the job. You may also include desired skills, certificates, or language requirements.

After you submit a job description on the platform, it would be reviewed by the system and moderators just for formal checks and verifications. Posting a job description is completely free but there are limits on the number of such postings monthly under the free plan.

Receive Applications

The next step after the job description publication is associated with collecting applications from the candidates registered on the platform. Similarly to classical job posting platforms, you will receive CVs and candidates’ profiles as applications.

Step-by-step you will have to review the inbox applications for your job and decide whether candidates meet the requirements for the job. As there are more than 200,000 profiles on the eVirtualAssistant platform, you will definitely get many corresponding applications and will have a wide range of options to select from.

Conduct Interviews

After shortlisting candidates by selecting the most suitable ones for the particular job position, you will need to communicate with them right on the platform. This is usually done with the help of messages where you can discuss everything related to the job, verify the candidate’s skills, discuss work process details, and so on.

The discussion process will reveal everything to you – so it would be possible to decide whether a candidate suits your job. If not, then just inform a person about your decision so they can apply for other vacancies on the platform and review other offers.

Hire Professionals

Once you have selected a person that suits your team and is ready to start working for you, it is the right time to sign an agreement for hiring a professional. Prepare a document where all collaborative conditions are discussed – timing, payment, duties, and so on.

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Note that the type of agreement may vary depending on the specialization of a virtual assistant. For instance, the contract for a copywriter or content creator might differ considerably from that of a web developer.

How Much Does it Cost?

We would like to present you with good news from the start – you can hire a virtual assistant Philippines for free. This is possible under a Business plan which tolerates up to 3 active job posts with a limited number of people contacts. At the same time, there are no restrictions on messaging, hiring, and payments for workers.

If you’d prefer to have more active job postings in progress, consider the Enterprise plan. Apart from that, you will be able to access applicants directly via email and have a dedicated account manager on the platform.

If you want to take weight off your shoulders, there is also a plan called Recruiting Services. A dedicated recruiting specialist will take care of the entire selection process. The price for such services is decided for each particular business depending on the specific needs.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants

A remote way of working has long been causing discussions of whether it is good or bad. However, the range of benefits has been prevailing over any fears or insecurities related to remote work. So let’s have a look at the benefits virtual assistants bring to businesses.

Build Team Fast

Given that such platforms as eVirtualAssistant already have more than 200,000 profiles of specialists from various spheres, this increases chances for a faster hiring process. Finding the people you need to perform tasks for achieving the company’s strategic goals is no longer a pain.

On-Project Hiring

Online platforms for hiring virtual assistants provide two possibilities to recruit specialists: hourly work or monthly payment. That is why you may find professionals to work both on your short-term projects as well as long-term ongoing ones.

Secure Payments

There is no need to have a dedicated accountant department on your site, as the virtual assistant hiring platform has all the necessary mechanisms. You will also get support on taxation and other financial questions.