Can You Sell Your House After Refinancing?

Sell House After Refinancing

When you want to sell a house, it is essential to check the house’s documents and contracts first. These include the title and the mortgage contract. Checking will ensure the smooth flow of the process and so that there are no loose ties upon turnover. 

The simple answer of whether you can sell your house after refinancing is it is possible.

Here’s the long answer with some explanation. 

Yes, you can sell your house after you get a refinancing. But there are other factors to consider before you can do this. At most, you should check in the contract before signing.

Sometimes, a financing contract will restrict the owner to stay in the house anywhere from six to 12 months before selling. These are often referred to as owner-occupancy clauses. These clauses are also flexible and can be extended to more extended periods depending on the signed agreement. So it’s best to check these details.

But if your agreement does not include any of these agreements, then you can sell your house even after refinancing. Another thing to consider in the owner-occupancy clause is if the lender will allow you to sell your house even if you haven’t fulfilled the requirement. Some are more lenient about these things. Asking the lender will be a good idea as well.

Other things to consider after refinancing a house is the prepayment penalties. These are fees some lenders charge to borrowers who have successfully paid their mortgage earlier than what’s specified or about three years into the contract.

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Penalties restrict some factors that can lead to longer timelines when selling a house. While a prepayment penalty is rare, it is good to look and be aware of it.

Stringent penalties can restrict a person from selling or getting a refinancing in the first three years. There is also such a thing as a soft penalty, which only affects and limits refinancing. 

There is more information about these factors that we will not go over in-depth in this article.

This is one of the reasons you should get an expert to help you when selling a house. They have a thorough knowledge and ways to help make the sale of a house faster and more efficient.


This may be a simple question, but there are layers to its answer. The bottom line is that selling a house in any situation will vary from house to house and from one mortgage contract to another. What’s important is to familiarize yourself with the necessary things to sell your house quickly.

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