Application of Micro Actuators

Application of Micro Actuators

The micro actuator is an electric drive, the main advantage of which is the smallest possible size. This device can replace pneumatic cylinders in all systems where the small size of the linear motion equipment is required. The broadest selection of micro actuators can be found on the Progressive Automations website where customers can find the model they need taking into account all the important technical specifications of the particular actuator model. Specifications are conveniently presented on the website in order to make searches according to different demands and needs.

Spheres for Micro Actuators Implementation

Electric micro actuators are commonly referred to as electric drives with power from a few watts to several tens of watts. Usually powered by this kind of electric motors: 12V, 24V or 27V. These engines are widely used in automation systems, telemechanics, in computer technology, performing various, sometimes unique functions

Micro actuators that can be used in systems for various purposes: control the stable work of other more complicated mechanisms, perform the precise type of work in small-dimensional equipment. Micro linear actuators are used in automation devices, sound recordings, in clockworks, etc. In order to control the DC power supplied on these little devices usually used the magnetic and transistor amplifiers, and to control AC power usually used the magnetic, magnetic semiconductor amplifiers and semiconductor-controlled gates.

For example, the micro electric actuator with an executive motor with power up to 500 watts is mainly used in automation devices, in household electrical appliances and electric tools and can be a part of the electric kettle.

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Advantages of Micro Linear Actuators

The global trends to minimize high-tech equipment pushes technology manufacturers to constantly move towards innovations. The advantages of micro actuators include not only compact size, but also client-oriented controllability. Users who are used to using pneumatic cylinders will easily be capable to switch to using modern micro actuators. Micro linear actuators represent the wide range of models that will exactly match any production needs. Depending on the purpose, micro actuators can be produced with or without a protective casing which is more commonly known as IP protection class that is extremely important when it comes to the installation of such equipment in harsh environmental conditions with the high level of liquid and solid particles of dust that can somehow mal influence on the overall equipment efficiency.

Great Performance Rate

Having small sizes, micro actuators demonstrate high performance and controllability. This type of linear actuators has the lower rotor inertia than DC motors with a steel core, also has better frequency characteristics. Also, due to the lack of compression, micro actuators demonstrate less vibration and noise rate, which contributes to better controllability. A wide variety of micro actuator models is achieved through various combinations with magnetic or optical encoders or gearboxes, as well as customizable specifications for brush materials, windings, and ball bearings.

Thanks to miniature size, along with micro actuators’ high precision and performance, these micro actuators are used in numerous areas. They are valued in the medical industry, being invariable parts of surgical and dental instruments. Used in laboratories and in ophthalmology. A lot of optical and sound equipment: cameras, broadcasting systems, projectors, all these equipment works thanks to micro actuators. Surely, high-tech industrial equipment, robotics, and space instrumentation are also not complete without micro actuators.

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Small dimensions, high precision, noiselessness, and great workload capabilities are the four main qualities that distinguish the micro linear actuators and make them one of the most convenient solutions to use for modern technologies construction purposes. Using this technology as the part for other devices or as the main linear motion operating instrument provides their customers with great level of safety and reliability increasing the overall chances to make the particular project to be successful.