What You Should Know about Cyber-crimes and Gambling

cyber crimes and gambling

The cyber crimes and gambling industry continues to grow across the world with every passing year. The industry has gone through so much transformation, and today, it is possible for anyone to gamble from the comfort of their phones, tablets, or computers. However, such expansion has introduced several challenges, ranging from hurdles in securing government acceptance, the likelihood of abuse, and control over its use. People engage in cyber crimes and gambling for various reasons, such as entertainment, and to some, it has actually turned into a hobby that pays. Others do it professionally and depend on such to earn a livelihood. However, we have a section whose intention is far from that, and they are the people using online gambling as avenues to engage in cyber-crimes and gambling.

It’s hard for internet gambling to be regulated, unlike physical casinos. Its nature makes it very easy for cyber-criminals to have access to it. Gamblers are also known to be impulsive when it comes to spending their winnings, making them an easy target. They are at risk of providing their credit card information and money. The cyber-criminals are therefore taking advantage of this and getting quick and undeserved cash.

Some of the strategies used by these cybercriminals include selling gambling accounts, coming up with third-party software that is completely unrelated to the game, and selling some fraud paraphernalia related to the game. Another common method used is hijacking and stealing accounts by hacking passwords, applying social engineering techniques, etc. These are common tactics used by Cybercriminals to target online gamers.

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Cybercriminals also take advantage of the fact that the internet has made it impossible to trace gambling activities by ensuring communication is anonymous. This makes it very easy for them to operate gambling sites. Through online encryption, which involves the use of secret passwords, Cybercriminals can keep their data safe. They can encrypt their files and communication, which makes it hard to trace them. The internet does not care about the users’ age, and therefore, minors have access to the sites; all that is needed is a credit card, which they can get from their parents or guardians.

Gambling in France

France being a Christian country, gambling has been illegal for the longest time. Exemptions have, however, been made over time, and some gambling activities have been made legal. There was an amendment of the French Gambling law in 2019 to allow some gambling activities in the country. The good thing about France is that it is a progressive country that adapts to modernization. However, it is very keen to protect its citizenry from opportunists and scammers.

The government came up with the following policy goals aimed at regulating gambling in the county:

  • Prevention of excessive gambling and protection of minors.
  • Upholding integrity, transparency, and reliability during gam0bling.
  • Protect individuals from criminals and money laundering
  • Maintain a balance in the different forms of gambling.

According to the French Homeland Security Code, any gambling operation must be scrutinized and accepted by the following:

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Gambling policy

Under the French authority, gambling falls under an aleatory contract where the parties’ rights (Profit or loss) are determined by uncertain events.

The gambling supervisory authority

The National gambling authority, formed by the ordinance in 2019, took over the powers that belonged to the Online Gambling Regulation Authority. Its role is to issue online gambling and betting licenses. Each year, gambling operators submit their gambling program, promotion strategies, and plan to prevent minors from gambling, fraud, and gambling addiction.

Francaise des Jeux

Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) has now been privatized, and there are new regulations to cover legal operators. It still, however, remains to be a major player in the French gambling market.

Other gambling products that are under the gambling law in France include


For a casino to be opened, there is a licensed procedure that must be followed. The procedure involves both local and national authorities. The Casinos are required to get their licenses from the Ministry of home affairs, and there are set conditions for one to qualify.

Gaming clubs and houses

Some gaming clubs have been allowed to offer card games by the Ministry of home affairs. They, however, are not allowed to operate in cities.

Ancient customs

Few places have been allowed to maintain some of their traditions, such as cockfighting and gallodromes. It is, however, illegal to create a new gallodeome in France.

There are set technical requirements for online gambling operators in France that must be met for them to operate. The law has a special interest in the software used, which must be approved by the ANJ before any operation.