Top Google Ads hacks to Boost your CTR and Conversions

We are living in a world where the dynamics are regularly changing. Coping up with changes is not an easier task. A lot of effort needs to be poured. But whatever you do, you need to give tough competition to your competitors to take a stand for yourself in your business. You need to advertise your business. But wasting money without understanding its operations does not make any sense. This article will describe the top Google Ads hack that can exponentially boost your CTR and Conversions.

Make it mobile-friendly:

In the past few years, the number of mobile numbers has increased drastically, according to Google Ad services. This resulted in the exponential growth of mobile phone traffic. Make the landing page of your ad mobile-friendly so that the users can have easy access to the webpage right from their mobile devices. Make use of call bid adjustments for driving more calls towards your business. Collect customer data by using call-only and lead ads for better tracking of conversion. The most valuable information must be displayed on the first line as you have less space for showing ads.

Focus on making the ad copy compelling:

In short, the ad needs to be appealing. Do not just post it for the sake of advertising. Any boring ad can harm your website. So, to stand out of the crowd, you need to excel in terms of creating special ads. Give it an emotional touch so that people notice it and connect. Include statistics in the copy and headline as well. For a better effect, make use of display URLs and include keywords in them. The more detailed your ads are, the more chances it has for being clicked. Finally, offer a valuable solution to the problem of your target audience.

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Make use of negative keywords and exclusions:

It is the tip of the professionals and needs to be correctly executed. Include negative keywords wherever applicable. These are the unrelated search terms that make sure that your ads do not show up for such phrases. Google gives full freedom to its users when it comes to running ads. As soon as you tap on an ad campaign for display ads, on the left side, you get to see the “Placements” tab. You get three options over here- Placements, Where Ads Showed, and Exclusions. Input the different URLs on which you like to display your ads in “Placements”. In the “Where Ads Showed”, you will find the list of mobile apps and pages where your ads were shown. “Exclusions” will show you all the irrelevant business niches, and you will not want your ad to appear over there.


Remarketing is about engaging users who visited your site once but did not complete any conversional actions. Most of the advertisers do not use the full potential of remarketing. Remarketing allows you to retarget your customers who already have an interest in your products and services. This step provides huge conversions and returns. It should be 60 days when it comes to the correct membership duration for your remarketing audience. Target your customers who have purchased an item and show them the ad of its complimentary items or that is relevant to that of which they purchased. Dynamic remarketing is very potent and can be a game-changer for your advertising efforts.

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Utilize the in-market audience:

The in-market audience can be a boon to your business’ online advertising. In-market audiences are those who are searching for some products actively in the current market. You can grab ready-made consumer data that can give you an idea about what the audience is looking for actively. You will be able to get better insight into your target audience and better understand what their needs are. Make use of both Google Ads Services and Google Analytics to take full advantage. These two tools will make sure that your ad is displayed to the people who purchased the same item or any other related items.


You can perform the above hacks correctly; you will be able to successfully master Google Advertising and boost your CTR and Conversions. You need to constantly test and collect new insights. The more you do this, the better you become at advertising. Do not make rookie mistakes. Control your budget while implementing the new strategies. Optimize the landing page at its best, and finally, do a lot of research before commencing.