Suikoden 6: Release Date, News & Best alternatives [2019]

Suikoden 6 are comes to love role-playing game released by Konami for the Sony PlayStation consoles back in 1995. Also Suikoden 6 to advance version to release but already Suikoden are very big hit and attracted a lot of games in Japan. Suikoden series are come individual games based different themes.

However, Konami has released many series for the Suikoden Series, but Konami about the “Suikoden 6” release date from a long time. Konami comes to back 2016 to say company stop developing console games because he is start Mobile gaming. Also Suikoden Series in the world and fight a losing battle also Konami are not any profits from console gaming this region go mobile gaming.

What Problem to Suikoden?

Now, Suikoden was released for 1995, and It not after the success in Japan and over world. After company decided to launch second game Suikoden 2. And series is loosely based to classic Chinese novel water Margin also translated to Outlaws of Marsh, Tale of the Marshes also All men are brothers, Men of the Marshes or The Marshes of the Mount Liang this for classic Chinese novels.

Problem to Suikoden

However, Suikoden are best RPG simply because different from RPGs back in the mid-90s added building of army the strategy battles also duels. Best ideas this game out to include on higher demand for a best better game.


Suikoden 2 released Date

Now, Konami are come to Suikoden 2 was released three years after the first Suikoden in December 1998. Also Story wise it three years after the first Suikoden but with a different character also different plot back in 1999.

Moreover, 1999 and 2001 for new Suikoden team and Konami released two visual novels also two volumes made for PS1 but none was released outside of Japan. Konami not want to release game in Europe because of exceedingly stupid reason also games fully translated to respective languages also game in English not an option.

Suikoden 4 released

Now, Suikoden are very success, after comes to publishing Suikoden 4 also for the PS2 but now made the three by diffusion of remnants between original Suikoden team and the Suiko Gaiden team. And comes to 2004 in Japan.

Why delay Suikoden 6 Release Date

Now, many people asked the question why delay to release Suikoden 6, also Suikoden is Women Web of a century was released in 2012. And comes to Sony Consoles Screwing waiting for “Suikoden 6”. Now it’s 2019, and Suikoden 6 or Suikoden 6 Release Date is this year and I hope to Suikoden to come back.

Suikoden 6 Release date

Konami not generating best sales to keep the investors interested. Also marketing team revealed that Suikoden is not the most significant source of the profit and sales. 5 series come but only three series of Suikoden has done decently regarding sales. If you love role-playing games like the Suikoden, then you can try other game titles also I have information about the Suikoden 6 release date after I update you.

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Suikoden 6 Best Alternatives

Suikoden 6 Best Alternatives

However, below I explain “Suikoden 6” best alternatives that are best quality games here see below.

1#. Radiata Stories

Radiata Stories are comes to 2005 for PlayStation 2, the story of Radiata are similar to Suikoden with different fight strategies. Also comes 176 characters and based on users decision.

2#. Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross comes to Released for PlayStation 1 back in 2000. Also like Suikoden Chrono Cross features 45 best characters.

Final Words

However, above mentioned all guide for Suikoden 6: Release Date, News & Best alternatives and you read above guide that is best helpful for you.