Snapchat Streak Lost? Here’s What to Do

Snapchat Streak Lost

If you use Snapchat regularly, you know the importance of Snapchat Streak. It defines you on Snapchat. The higher your Streak, the more popular you are. However, you may lose your Snapchat Streak without any explained reason. If you’re experiencing a sudden Snapchat Streak lost, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can revive your lost Snapchat Streak.

What Is Snapchat Streak?

Let’s begin by understanding what Snapchat Streak or Snapstreak is and how it works. Snapstreak, also known as Snapchat Score, is a score given to a Snapchat profile. There are several factors that determine Snapstreak, but in general, it depends on how actively you share Snaps on Snapchat. The more Snaps you share, the higher your Snapstreak will be.

Snapstreak is a cosmetic value, and you can’t exchange it for rewards or other benefits. It shows how active or social you are on Snapchat. And naturally, people prefer to interact with people who are more social, indicated by their Snapchat score. So, if you want to be popular on Snapchat and receive a lot of Snaps, you’d want to maintain a high Snapstreak.

How to Identify Snapchat Streak Lost?

It’s easy. You log into your Snapchat account and go to your profile. Your Snapchat Score is clearly visible beside your name. If you were on a Streak for a while, and suddenly, you see that you’re no longer on a streak, it’s likely that you’ve lost your Snapchat Streak.

Snapchat also has emojis to help you identify the status of your Snapchat Streaks. Look at this image to see what each emoji means.

Snapchat Streak Lost
Snapchat Streak Lost

Reasons for Snapchat Streak Lost

What will be the first thing that will likely come to your mind when you see you lost your Snapchat streak? Why me? What did you do wrong? Questions like these will dawn upon you, so let’s answer them first.

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The most apparent reason for losing a Snapstreak is a lack of activity. If you or your friend haven’t shared a Snap within the last 24 hours, you’ll lose the Streak. So, if your friend didn’t send you Snaps, you know who to blame. However, some issues can also cause Streak issues. For instance, if you or your friend has network issues, it could affect the sending and receiving of Snaps.

In rare cases, hardware or operating system issues can also cause the Streak to disappear. In that case, you’ll need to switch your device. If you don’t, the Best Friends or Besties tag may also disappear.

Lastly, there could be an issue with the app. If you have ruled out all the possibilities mentioned above, there could be a bug or glitch that’s causing the issue. If you lost your Streak because of app-related issues, you could get them back without much hassle.

How to Revive Snapchat Streak Lost?

Having discussed the common reasons for losing the Snapstreak, let’s discuss some ways to get it back. Please note that the method you use to get your Snapstreak back will depend on why you lost it. Let’s talk about the methods to revive your Streak based on the reason for losing it.

Be Active and Send/Receive More Snaps

If you lost your Streak because of a lack of activity, the only way to revive it is by increasing your activity. Send Snaps daily to your friend and ask them to do the same. To be on a Streak, you need to send and receive a Snap at least once in 24 hours. If you break this streak, you’ll lose your Snapstreak.

Also, note that Snapstreak is a two-way activity. If your friend stops sending Snaps, you’ll lose the Streak. So, if your friend is no longer sharing Snaps daily, you might want to find another buddy to share those Snaps.

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Switch Your Network

As discussed, you may lose your Streak sometime because of connectivity issues. If you have a bad network, your Snaps won’t reach your friend. Also, if your friend sends a Snap, you won’t be able to view it. As a result, the sending and receiving of Snaps won’t count, and you’ll lose your Streak.

So, switch your internet connection and see if things change. If there were network issues, you would likely get your Streak back as soon as you connect to a good network.

Reinstall Snapchat

There could be bugs in Snapchat, especially if you install a new update or update your software. To check if that’s not the issue, uninstall Snapchat from your phone and reinstall it. Now, log into your account and see if the lost Streak is back. If not, move to the next step.

Change Your Device

In rare cases, hardware issues can cause Snapchat Streak issues. You can check if that’s the issue by installing Snapchat on another device and logging into your account. If your Streak reappears, it’s your device that was causing the issue. You can solve this issue by switching your device.

Contact Snapchat for Snapchat Streak Lost

If none of the above methods work, there’s probably an issue with Snapchat’s algorithm. You can check this by contacting Snapchat. Here are the steps to follow.

Snapchat Streak Lost
Snapchat Streak Lost
  • Open Snapchat on your phone and make sure you are logged in.
  • Go to Settings and then the Support section.
  • You’ll see three options. Click on the first one — I Need Help.
  • There’ll be a Popular Topics section with six popular topics. Click on Snapstreaks.
  • Click on the “let us know” link.
  • Select “My Snapstreaks disappeared.”
  • A form will appear. Fill out the form and submit it.

The Snapchat team will look into the issue, and if they find any issues, they’ll fix them.

Wrap Up: Snapchat Streak Lost

Maintaining a high Snapstreak is crucial if you use Snapchat regularly. It proves that you are active on Snapchat, and thus, people will share more Snaps with you. If you lose your Streak all of a sudden, you must find a way to revive it immediately. The steps discussed above will help you do that. Find the cause of losing your Streak, and perform the steps accordingly.