Alternate Payment Methods You Can Use At Online Casinos After Credit Card Ban

Alternate Payment Methods

The UK Gambling Commission banned gamblers from using credit cards as payment methods at Online Cricket Betting ID. Since most UK gambling companies also operate outside of Great Britain, it might have an impact on players in other countries as well. Here are some of the best alternative payment options to credit cards.

Skrill & Neteller

Skrill and Neteller are e-wallet payment methods you can register with and use to make deposits at online casinos. These options are both known for appearing instantly when deposited and for processing quickly when it comes to withdrawing funds. What’s more, since you register with the payment services, you won’t be sharing any personal information with the online casino.

However, some downsides to using Skrill and Neteller is that you’ll need to register with the payment methods, fund them using your debit and credit cards, and that they cannot be used to claim bonuses and promotions. 

It’s also important to note that under the Commission’s ban, you will not be able to fund e-wallets with your credit cards and use them at online casinos or their sister sites. You can only gamble with e-wallet payments if they’re funded by bank transfers or debit cards. 


PayPal is a payment method best known for being used with eBay. However, many UK online casinos actually accept PayPal and it is widely considered one of the best online casino payment methods. This is because deposits via PayPal appear instantly and withdrawals are usually processed instantly too, but this generally depends on the online casino you’re registered at. 

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One of the reasons PayPal is so popular is because, like Skrill and Neteller, you won’t need to provide any financial details when depositing money. One of the downsides to this payment method is that not all UK online casinos accept it, making it a little hard to find. 


Paysafecard is a pre-paid card payment method. When you use these payment methods, you simply need to enter the card number at your online casino, which means you again do not need to provide any personal information. However, Paysafecards can only be bought at authorised retailers, and these can be hard to find. 

In addition, Paysafecard cannot be used for withdrawals, which means you’ll generally need to select an alternative payment method for withdrawing funds which can be a little annoying if you deposit and withdraw money regularly. 

What Payment Method Should I Use?

That generally depends on your own opinion. The payment methods all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you should carefully consider them before committing to using them. Before you can select anything, it’s important to take a look at which payment options your online casino accepts, as it may only accept one or two methods we’ve listed.

If none of the above payment options interests you, you can always resort to traditional debit cards which are still available to use at online casinos. Debit cards are accepted at all online casinos but often face long withdrawal processing times, which can be somewhat of a downer. No matter what you choose to you, you simply need to ensure that you’re comfortable with using the payment method and are happy with it too. And, don’t forget, you can always try out different methods to discover what works best with you!