Mastering Miles: Tips for a Successful Long-Distance Move

A long-distance move can be far more stressful than a local one because it can be more complicated, and you’ll want to make sure everything is packed carefully to survive the move. Whether you’re taking advantage of packing services or doing it all on your own, you’ll want to make sure everything is packed properly to prevent damage and ensure everything is ready to be set up and put away when your belongings arrive. Use the following tips to make your move more successful. 

Start Packing as Soon as You Know About the Move

The longer you have to pack, the better. Packing a little at a time can help with making a long distance move much easier to handle, as you won’t have to go through everything in your house at one time. Items you don’t use daily or weekly can be packed far ahead of the moving date, which helps get them out of the way so you can see what’s left. Check with the moving company to learn about storage ideas to hold these items as you continue to pack and get ready for the move. 

Pack as Lightly as Possible

Pay attention to the sizes of boxes when you’re packing and avoid using the largest sizes for anything heavy. If you have a lot of books, for example, you’ll want to choose smaller boxes so they aren’t as heavy. Even if you won’t be the one lifting everything, heavier boxes that fall can cause more damage. By separating heavy items into smaller boxes, it’s easier to prevent potential damage or injuries while you’re moving. 

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Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Need

Take the time to get rid of anything you don’t need right now, so you don’t have to pack it and move it just to get rid of it at the new home. Be critical and get rid of anything you haven’t used recently or don’t expect to use again. This will mean you have less to pack and less to pay to move your belongings, so not only do you have less to put away in the new home, but you may be able to save a lot of money. 

Use Plastic Tubs or Bins When Possible

If possible, use plastic tubs or bins for a lot of your belongings. While these won’t be perfect for everything, they’re going to be great for clothing and other small items in your home. They’re far more durable than cardboard boxes, so they can provide extra protection for delicate items. Plus, they can be reused to help you organize the new home, enabling you to get everything in its own place from the start. 

Reduce Potential Movement of Belongings

Make sure you reduce the potential for anything to move while your belongings are in transit. When filling boxes, try to fill every space. If there is extra space, use that for sheets, pillowcases, and other fabric items, as they’ll prevent breakage and ensure your items get to the new home in one piece. 

A long-distance move can be complex, but there are ways to reduce the stress you may be feeling, get everything ready to go and make sure it all makes it there in one piece. Take advantage of packing services or other help from the moving company to make the move easier to handle and to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.